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Sept 2018 View  

Recording Thoughts and Dreams

Sept 2018 View  

Mobile App and Study Tips

Aug 2018 View  

New Carrying Cases have arrived

Aug 2018 View  

An inside look at the Lexicon

July 2018 View  

Lost Books of the Bible

July 2018 View  

An inside look at The Giants

June 2018 View  

An inside look at The Daniel 9 Prophecy

June 2018 View  

An inside look at Finding the Lost Tribes

May 2018 View  

An inside look at The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs

May 2018 View  

An insider's look into Bere'shith (Beginnings)

May 2018 View  

Dr. Pidgen to Speak at Take On The World 2018

May 2018 View  

E-Sword to include the eth CEPHER

Apr 2018 View  

In Memory Of Gloria Louise Pacini-Pidgeon

Apr 2018 View  

Meet Team CPG

Apr 2018 View  

There's Much To Discuss, Times Are Changing

Apr 2018 View  

Join Us In The Mission Field Of Social Media

Apr 2018 View  

New Exclusive Insider Updates By Subscription Only

Mar 2018 View  

eth CEPHER 3rd Edition Rev 1 - Thinner w/ Larger Print

Feb 2018 View  

Introducing Yochephus Antiquities

Jan 2018 View  

Carrying Cases On Sale Now

Nov 2017 View  

Building A Community - the eth CEPHER Forums

July 2017 View  

Bere'shiyth - The Book Of Beginnings

June 2017 View  

CEPHER Prison Ministry - Shining the Light

June 2017 View  

Besoroth - Now Available In Hardcover

Apr 2017 View  

Talmidiym - Now Available In Hardcover

Mar 2017 View  

The Sitrei Torah - Now Available In Hardcover

Jan 2017 View  

The New CEPHER App Blog

Jan 2017 View  

CEPHER Accessories On Sale

Jan 2017 View  

2nd Edition Yom Qodesh & Parshat

June 2016 View  

Lexicon Sale

May 2016 View  

Announcing the new את CEPHER App

Mar 2016 View  

2016 Spring Feasts Sale!

Feb 2016 View  

In Celebration of Puriym

Nov 2015 View  

Give the Gift of Light!

Sept 2015 View  

2015 Fall Feasts Day Sale & Daily Prayers in Hebrew/English

Aug  2015 View  

What makes this book so special?

Aug  2015 View  

The Eth Cepheriym Collection & the Benevolence Fund

July 2015 View  

Restored Scriptures For The Called-Out Assembly!

Jan 2015 View  

Announcing the 2nd Edition את CEPHER!