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Aug - Fall 2023 Cepher Academy Courses

July - Recent Teachings by Dr. Pidgeon

June - Recent Teachings by Dr. Pidgeon

May - Recent Teachings by Dr. Pidgeon

Dr. Pidgeon's Teachings in South Africa

Apr - Blessings of South Africa

Mar - Join Dr. Pidgeon for Pecach/Matstsah

Feb - Recent Teachings By Dr. Pidgeon

Jan - Recent Teaching By Dr. Pidgeon


Happy Chanukkah!

Yocephus Package Deal

Nov - Recent Teachings By Dr. Pidgeon

Oct - Farewell to Ross Broadstock

Dr. P's Videos & Slide Presentations

Large Print Cephers

Sept - Celebrate Yom Teruah with Dr. Pidgeon

Aug - Recent Teachings by Dr. Pidgeon

Jul - Recent Teachings by Dr. Pidgeon

Jun - 50 Days - Counting the Omer

May - Book Sale

Mar - Cepher Academy Courses

Feb - Video Broadcasts

Jan - Video Broadcasts


Dec - Millennium Edition את Cepher

Nov - Pre-order the next edition Cepher now!

Oct - Crossing Over

Sept - New Product Announcement

Aug - Videos Banned From YouTube

Exclusive Insider Update - Aug 2021

Jul - Exclusive Insider Update for July 4, 2021

Jun - The Four Horsemen of Chizayon (Revelation)

Apr - Counting The Omer

Mar - Happy New Year & Preparation for Passover

Feb - The Timing of Pecach during the Crucifixion Week

Feb - Large Print Millennium Collector's Edition

Feb - Wolves Among Sheep

Jan - 2020 Prophecy in Hindsight & 2021 Prophecy in Foresight


Dec - The Feast of Dedication, The Two Witnesses, and A Crisis of Faith

Nov - The Burden of Isaiah, The Ruach, and The Season of Thanksgiving

Nov - Fall 2020 Product Update

Nov - Are We In The Last Days?

Oct - The Law of Sin and Death

Oct - Chag Sameach Cukkoth!

Sept - Venue Changed to Bedfordshire

Sept - Meet Dr. Pidgeon in the UK

Sept - Exclusive Insider Update - September 8, 2020

Aug - Exclusive Insider Update

Aug - The Promise of Deliverance

Jul - Exclusive Insider's Update: The Promises Of Yahuah

Jun - Exclusive Insider Update - The Rapture & The Resurrection

May - Exclusive Insider Update - The Español את CEFERS have Arrived!

May - Counting The Omer To Shevu'oth

Apr - Exclusive Insider's Update - Passover/Pecach 2020

Mar - Exclusive Insider's Update - Upcoming Conferences

Feb - Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the Español CEFER!

Jan - Rome, the Reich lives on


Nov - Genesis and the calendar of Yom Qodesh

Oct - The truth about the Apostle Pa'al and his letters

Sept - New historical evidence of first Christian church in Wales

Sept - Yah's Covenant with the children of Yashar'el

Aug - The epic myth-story of the Sumerian Gods and exciting news

Aug - The Daniel 9 Prophecy and the signs of our times

Jul - Bere'shiyth (Genesis) 6 And The Fallen Sons Of Elohiym

Jul - The Book of Chanok (Enoch) and the Time of Trouble

Jun - The Noahide Laws and other violations of Torah

Jun - The Lost Books and the name of Yah

May - Who are the blessed of Yahuah?

May - The Name of YAH, the Controversy and the Truth

Apr - Has the age of the Gentiles ended? The Wheat and the Tares,.

Apr - Noahide Laws and the One World Order, are you prepared?

Mar - The Covenant of YAH and new Paleo Hebrew Lexicon Coming

Mar - The coming recognition of Pecach (Passover) and the feasts

Mar - The Tyranny Of The Noahide Laws

Feb - The Last Trump and the Resurrection of the Dead

Feb - Return of the Giants

Jan - Prophecy of the anti-christ, Noahide Laws and Torah


Dec - The Mark Of QAYIN (Cain)

Dec - Conditions Of The Soul

Dec - YASHAR (Jasher) Real Or Fake?

Nov - The Rule For The Alien

Oct - The Apocalypse Of Moses (Mosheh)

Oct - Clean And Unclean Food

Sept - Recording Thoughts and Dreams

Sept - Mobile App and Study Tips

Aug - New Carrying Cases have arrived

Aug - An inside look at the Lexicon

Jul - Lost Books of the Bible

July - An inside look at The Giants

Jun - An inside look at The Daniel 9 Prophecy

Jun - An inside look at Finding the Lost Tribes

May - An inside look at The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs

May - An insider's look into Bere'shith (Beginnings)

May - Dr. Pidgen to Speak at Take On The World 2018

May - E-Sword to include the Cepher

Apr - In Memory Of Gloria Louise Pacini-Pidgeon

Apr - Meet Team CPG

Apr - There's Much To Discuss, Times Are Changing

Apr - Join Us In The Mission Field Of Social Media

Apr - New Exclusive Insider Updates By Subscription Only

Mar - Cepher 3rd Edition Rev 1 - Thinner w/ Larger Print

Feb - Introducing Yochephus Antiquities

Jan - Carrying Cases On Sale Now


Nov - Building A Community - the Cepher Forums

Jul - Bere'shiyth - The Book Of Beginnings

Jun - Cepher Prison Ministry - Shining the Light

Jun - Besoroth - Now Available In Hardcover

Apr - Talmidiym - Now Available In Hardcover

Mar - The Sitrei Torah - Now Available In Hardcover

Jan - The New Cepher App Blog

Jan - Cepher Accessories On Sale

Jan - 2nd Edition Yom Qodesh & Parshat


Jun - Lexicon Sale

May - Announcing the new את Cepher App

Mar - 2016 Spring Feasts Sale!

Feb - In Celebration of Puriym


Nov - Give the Gift of Light!

Sept - 2015 Fall Feasts Day Sale & Daily Prayers in Hebrew/English

Aug - What makes this book so special?

Aug - The Cepheriym Collection & the Benevolence Fund

Jul - Restored Scriptures For The Called-Out Assembly!

Jan - Announcing the 2nd Edition את Cepher!