Free Downloads

Sacred Names
(11" x 14" full color poster)

Hebrew Aleph-Bet Chart
(8" x 11" - includes both Paleo & Modern Hebrew letters and their meanings)

(Hebrew to English Words Chart)

Scripture Comparison Chart
(The Eth CEPHER compared to other translations) 

Eth CEPHER Reading Tracker
(A log to keep track of the books/chapters as you read them)

Scriptural Calendar: 2020-2021
(Hebrew Months Aviyv - Asar Shenayim)

The Feasts of Yahuah: 2020
(List of the moediym/appointed times for the current year)

Pecach Chagadah
(Guide for Passover Seder Meal)

(Mashiach’s Prayer in Hebrew)

The Ten Devariym 
(The Ten Commandments)

(Original historical maps by Dr. Stephen Pidgeon)

Index Tab Instruction Guide 
(Guide for aligning the self-adhesive custom Index Tabs for the Eth CEPHER)

Video Transcript 
(Dr. Stephen Pidgeon's television interview on "A Christian Viewpoint" recorded in Jan 2013)

Praise and Supplication Music CD 
(Song Lyrics in transliterated Hebrew and English)

Cepher HaYashar 
(The Cepher of Yashar [Book of Jasher] in Hebrew) 

The Missing Fragment
(70 Restored verses in Ezra Reviy'iy [4 Ezra/2nd Esdras] Chapter 7)

Tehilliym 151-155
(Restored chapters of Psalms)

Tehilliym 91
(Psalm 91 Translation)

Ri'shon Qorintiym 13
(1st Corinthians 13 Translation)