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The Eth Cepheriym Collection

In addition to the Yom Qodesh, we are now offering four new books that complement the eth CEPHER. This represents our first installment in an expanded collection of 22 books, an encyclopedia if you will, that we're calling The Eth Cepheriym. We trust these books will be valuable additions to your spiritual library.

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Each book retails for $20 individually, but you can save 20% if you buy the FIVE BOOK PACKAGE DEAL for only $80.  Click on the titles below for more information about these new books.

Yom Qodesh: Hebraic Calendar with the Feasts and Torah Portion

Yashar: Also Called The Book of Jasher

Sitrei Torah: The Mysteries of the Torah

* Besor'oth: A collection of the Gospels in Hebraic expression

Chokmah Talmidiym: A collection of the Epistles in Hebraic expression


The CEPHER Benevolence Fund

Bringing the Word of YAHUAH to those in Need

To date, we have shipped 64 books through our Benevolence Fund to brothers and sisters around the world who are hungry for the Word of YAHUAH.  We currently have 15 individuals on the waiting list, including a prisoner in Texas and a pastor in Kenya.  Please read the messages next to the photos below that were sent to us by Cecil, an American missionary in the Philippians.  He originally requested one book each for the two congregations to whom he ministers. However, because of the generosity of one of our faithful donors, we were able to send them ten books instead.

Donated CEPHERS to Phillipines


This brother made the 3 hour bus ride to pick up the books for the elder of their congregation. They are praising Yahuah to have these books with the true names in them to teach from. May Yahuah Baruck whoever was involved in getting them here. HalleluYahuah.

Donated CEPHER Tangano Phillipines


This is part of the congregation in Tangano, Philippians receiving their copy of The Cepher. They are very poor and live on about $2 a day, but they love Yahuah and are over joyed to have His Word with His true name to learn from. May Yahuah Baruck all those involved in getting His Word out to the poor.

Muslim man with CEPHER 2


This is John, a Muslim Imman who has been studying the Cepher for 2 months and wants to be immersed in the name of Yahuah. He is always discussing the scriptures, and loves the Cepher translation.

If you would like to help us with this vital ministry,

please Make A Donation today!

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