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Restored Scriptures for the Called-out Assembly!

Finally, a restored version of the sacred scriptures honoring the Hebraic Roots of the Christian faith is now available to the called-out assembly of YAHUAH. The word eth (את) means divine, and the word cepher (ספר) means book, scroll, letter or writing. Hence, the את CEPHER is the “Divine Book”. This unique collection of sacred scripture restores much of what has been removed and/or incorrectly interpreted in the Holy Bible for centuries!
  • Sets forth a transliteration, rather than a substitution, of the names of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Restores the Aleph Tav 9,837 times - previously been omitted in other English translations.
  • Includes all of the 81 books previously canonized as the Bible (see scripture comparison chart), plus another 6 books considered to be inspired and/or historically significant: Chanok (Enoch) & Yovheliym (Jubilees) from the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as Yashar (Jasher), 4 Ezra, 2 Baruk and Additions to Esther, for 87 books in total.
  • Restores an accurate order to the books as they were originally written.
  • Transliterates over 3100 Hebrew names and places.
  • Includes a Hebrew-to-English chart of the most common names and places found in scripture.
  • Includes a chart of the modern and paleo Hebrew alphabet that provides the meaning of each letter.
  • Includes a listing of all the sacred names of Elohiym found in scripture.
  • Includes original maps of the holy land.
  • Includes the 29th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. 
  • Corrects the errors (for the first time) in the Song of Solomon, in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 14, Zakaryahu (Zechariah) 5, and Matthew 23 as well as other notorious errors found in virtually all previous English translations.
  • Printed in a readable 9 point Cambria type font on high quality 45 lb paper that doesn't bleed through.
  • Hardbound in black Arizona bonded leather made from cowhide. 
  • Includes satin ribbon place holder. 
  • Measures 7″ x 10″ x 2.75″, Weighs 5.4 lbs.
  • Retails for $95.

Torah - Genesis

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The את CEPHER is the #1 Best-Selling bible on the World Net Daily Superstore!

"I just received this wonderful bible and I have been so impressed with it, I'm featuring it on today's blog."
 L.A. Marzulli, Researcher and Author of Politics, Prophecy, & the Supernatural
(Eth Cepher!  Posted by lamarzulli on January 6, 2015)

Get the Lexicon Companion Book to the CEPHER Scriptures

  • Includes the pronunciation, definition, and original Hebrew for over 3,100 transliterated names and places found in the CEPHER.

  • Alphabetically indexed two ways: Easy to find Common English-to-Hebrew and Hebrew-to-Common English transliteration.

  • Large Cambria 14 point font

  • Measures 7” x 10”, Weighs 2 lbs.

  • Black hardbound

  • 456 pages

  • Retails for $35.




The CEPHER is also available on your mobile device!

Our new mobile App allows you to search the scriptures by key word, book, chapter and verse and is loaded with extra features including:

  • Note-taking capability.

  • Highlighting available in seven different colors.

  • Bookmarks to easily find your place.

  • The Lexicon of all the transliterated words found in the את CEPHER.

  • The Daily Hebrew Prayers.

  • Links to the Weekly Torah Portion, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon’s blog, articles and other free downloads available our website.

Your purchase also includes any future updates of the את CEPHER, all for the one-time download cost of only $22.

       Five Star Rating

Stryker Ryder
I have the print version of the Cepher 2nd Edition and like it a lot. When I found out an Android version was available I installed it on my tablet. The first thing I noticed with the Cepher app is that it is very user friendly. I especially like how easy it is to add notes to Scripture passages. This is a much easier app than the other Bible app that I have installed. The navigation for searching or reading particular verses is simple. Very well done!

Jeremy Castro
Great app! The application is very simple to use. I love the ability to take notes, have them sorted by color, and show under the passage that I annotated. The lexicon is handy in knowing the translations of names and words. Searching for passages is simple.

Angela Faire
Powerful study tool! I've been using this app for about a month and am very impressed with its capability. This is a must have tool for the student of theology.

Deibu Rose
A blessed study tool! This app is absolutely worth the time and money. It is very extensive and combined with the "mysword" app with the strongs built in you just can't stop studying. I am a very in-depth type of person and this is simply one of the best apps you can get for studying to truth of God, the God of Isaac, Jacob, the God of Israel, my Father, my God.

godzulu lx
This was long overdue, a complete Bible. The Cepher was a dream come true and the app is a double portion fulfillment. 





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