Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

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The founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Cepher Publishing Group, LLC., Dr. Stephen Pidgeon is a political scientist with a Doctorate of Philosophy, and a Juris Doctorate. In collaboration with a group of students of scripture, he is responsible for the creation and publication of the את Cepher. Dr. Pidgeon is a student of many languages including Greek, Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. An avid reader and author, he has published over 30 books.

Dr. Pidgeon has a long history of executive leadership, having formed and led companies in publishing (since 1982), journalism (1984), music publishing (1985), wireless telecommunications (1993), broadband acquisition and delivery (1996), fiber optic switching technology (1998), laser digital television development (2001), biotechnology (2004), and search engine optimization products, including the development of patented technology (2009).

In 2012 Dr. Pidgeon was a candidate for Attorney General in the State of Washington. He is the recipient of the 2008 Presidential Commission, the 2008 Reagan Congressional Commission, a two-time recipient of the Congressional Medal of Distinction (2006, 2007), and a designee for the 2006 Businessman of the Year award, Dr. Pidgeon is distinguished in both Who’s Who and Who’s Who in Business. He is active in promoting religious freedom, economic freedom, and civil society throughout the world.

Since 2008, Dr. Pidgeon has been involved in delivering a complete restoration of sacred scripture and has formerly published Behold! A White Horse!, Behold! A Pale Green Horse!, and Behold! A Red Horse! Among his other works are the Yom Qodesh, Sitrei Torah, Parshat, Besoroth, Talmidiym, and Bere’shiyth, Ha’avoth, and Shamayim which are compilations and interpretations with Hebraic concepts of well-known and lesser-known scriptures.

An accomplished musician, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist, Dr. Pidgeon holds a degree in Piano Performance and has studied with Svetlana Velichko (Moscow Conservatory), Jean Paul Billaud (Conservatory of Paris), and Ziegfried Schultze (Editor, Schirmers). He has produced two CDs featuring originally composed music for piano solo.