Meshack Juma Africa

Cepher Publishing Group engages in ministries throughout the world. As a publisher of scripture, we have the authority to place our flagship text, the Cepher, in prisons nationwide, where the demand for the book is strong and constant. We place between 30-50 books per month in America’s prisons which go directly to the inmates making the request at no charge to them whatsoever.

We provide the Weekly Torah Portions in both English and Spanish, as well as Daily Prayers, which may be accessed by clicking on the links to the right.

In addition to numerous free downloads on our website, including hundreds of blogs and videos, the 66-book abridged version of the Cepher is freely available on the e-Sword platform, as is the 66-book abridged version of the Cepher Mobile App through the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

Our benevolence ministry continues to thrive, and we are thankful for the many faithful donors who support our efforts to provide free and reduced-price books for those who cannot otherwise afford them.

We have participated in numerous conferences in the United States, Europe, and South Africa to discuss the emerging understanding of scripture in our current age.  Requests for our participation continues to rise, and we look forward to meeting new friends and fellow believers in other countries.