Meshack Juma Africa

Cepher Publishing Group, LLC also engages in ministries throughout the world. As a publisher of scripture, we have the authority to place our flagship text, the Eth Cepher, in prisons nationwide, and the demand for the book is strong and constant.We place between 30-50 books per month in America’s prisons which go directly to the prisoners making the request at no charge to them whatsoever.

In addition, we also participate in conferences in the United States, Canada, and Europe when requested, to discuss the emerging understanding of scripture in our current age.  The demand for our participation continues to rise, and we look forward to meeting new friends and fellow believers in Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Spanish ministry is also expanding as we prepare to launch the Eth Sefer Espanol. Some of the books contained in the Eth Sefer will have been translated in Spanish for the very first time! We look forward to further developing our ministry in the Latin American world, where we currently offer our weekly Torah portion and blogs to Spanish speaking readers (with no membership fee!) around the world.

In addition to our numerous free downloads on the website, our nearly 350 blogs, and the hundreds of videos available on our YouTube channel (Cepher Publishing Group), it is also possible to upload a 66-book version of the Eth Cepher to E-Sword (also a free download), and to download the 66-book Cepher Abridged App at no charge!

Our benevolence ministry continues to thrive, and we are thankful that we have such an opportunity to serve.