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Yocephus Package Deal

Yocephus Package Deal

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Yocephus (Titus Flavius Josephus) was a first century historian, military leader, and contemporary of Yahusha Ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

This package includes two titles:

Yocephus Antiquities
An exhaustive history of the people of Yashar’el (Israel) from the beginning of creation to the time of the destruction of the last temple. 

Yocephus Wars
A comphrehensive historical record of the wars of the Yahudiym (Jews) and the destruction of the city of Yarushalayim (Jerusalem). 

In the את Cepher editions of these literary classics, you will find:

  • Many of the proper names have been restored to comport with the transliterated names found in the את Cepher scriptures.
  • The name of Yahuah has been restored to the text.
  • The ancient English language has been updated for clearer understanding, and the antiquated semantics and grammar have also been addressed to increase ease of reading.
  • There are ample footnotes within the text.

Video (by 119 Ministries): Josephus and the New Testament

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