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Reading Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Author Ross Broadstock demonstrates how the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs is not the Coptic language - it's Welsh!  This amazing discovery allows the ancient pictograms to be studied as never before, revealing more of the historical background of the Old Testament. 

This book is a very powerful tool for tracing the patriarchs in scripture.  Moses, Joseph, Solomon, the Queen of Sheba and others all appear in the hieroglyphs. This discovery confirms they were true historical figures, which is critical in light of modern attempts to explain them as myths.

Illustrations, Footnotes, Index, and Dictionary
Black linen hardcover with gold embossing
Large 14 point font
7" x 10"
236 pages

Video: Interview with Author Ross Broadstock

NOTE: This book is not part of Dr. P's Library Collection.

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