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Shamayim – A Collection of Writings on the Heavens

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This compilation of sixteen ancient writings speaks to the nature of heaven and the heavens.  In discussing these topics, we begin with two writings from the Common Epoch, namely Machazeh Pa’al (The Vision of Paul) and Chizayon Kepha (The Apocalypse of Peter), which will prove to be illustrative writings setting the stage for a review of the more historical pieces.  Most critically, Shamayim contains the heralded writings of Chanok Sheniy (Second Enoch), Baruk Sheniy (Second Baruch) and Baruk Sheliyshiy (Third Baruch), and of course H’Alah Yesha’yahu (The Ascension of Isaiah).  Additional books such as Chizayon Mosheh (The Apocalypse of Moses) and Chizayon Avraham (The Apocalypse of Abraham) compliment these writings and illustrate the thinking behind the authors who saw fit to write about these concepts.

Black Linen Hardcover with Gold Embossing.

Large 10pt Cambria font.

7" x 10".

456 pages.

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