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Millennium Edition 2023

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Torah Portion with Haftorah and Besorah

Updated to the Millenium Edition text, this collection of the five books of Mosheh, called the Torah, is set forth in weekly reading portions.  Each portion is called a Parsha, and collectively, they are known as Parshat. Sections are named after the opening word or words of the portion as found in Hebrew.

In addition, each Torah portion is followed by a reading from one of the prophets, which is called the Haftarah. These readings are taken from the cepheriym of Yesha'yahu (Isaiah), Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah), Yechezq'el (Ezekiel) and some of the twelve Minor Prophets.

Finally, unlike other portions available in the marketplace, we have also included a weekly reading from the gospels, called the Besorah, which includes Mattithyahu (Matthew), Marqus (Mark), Luqas (Luke), and Yochanon (John).

We have elected to set forth these reading portions in a single reference book for ease of study. We also recommend our cepher Yom Qodesh to give you a complete calendar for the readings and a reference for the feasts and the fasts.

VIDEO on the Yom Qodesh Hebrew Calendar & Parshat Torah Portions

Black Linen Hardcover with Gold Embossing

7" x 10"

10 point font

375 pages

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