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Wisdom of the Disciples

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A collection of the Epistles with Hebraic expression

Now updated to the Millennium Edition text, Talmidiym sets forth the wisdom of the Disciples - Ya'aqov (James), Kepha (Peter), Yochanon (John), Yahudah (Jude), and Pa'al (Paul/Sha'ul) in their writings often referred to as Epistles or Letters. This book relates the writings using Hebraic footnotes to illustrate key concepts in the Epistles, and is capable of creating new concepts and new views on the Epistles many of us know so well. An indispensable tool for the student of scripture and those preaching/teaching on these writings.

VIDEO: On the Talmidiym


  • Ya’aqov: James
  • Kepha Ri’shon: First Peter
  • Kepha Sheniy: Second Peter
  • Yahudah: Jude
  • Timotheus Ri’shon: First Timothy
  • Titus: Titus
  • Tasloniqiym Ri’shon: First Thessalonians
  • Tasloniqiym Sheniy: Second Thessalonians
  • Romaiym: Romans
  • Galatiym: Galatians
  • Timotheus Sheniy: Second Timothy
  • Qorintiym Ri’shon: First Corinthians
  • Qorintiym Sheniy: Second Corinthians
  • Eph’siym: Ephesians
  • Philippiym: Philippians
  • Qolasiym: Colossians
  • Philemon: Philemon
  • Ivriym: Hebrews
  • Yochanon Ri’shon: First John
  • Yochanon Sheniy: Second John
  • Yochanon Shelishiy: Third John

7" x 10"

Black Linen Hardcover with Gold Embossing

307 pages

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