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False Witness



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December 16, 2021

Good evening, my friends, and welcome to another production of Cepher Academy. I'm Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, here on the 16th day of December 2021. So good to see everybody already in the chat. Is everybody getting ready to roll here? I can tell a lot of people are on fire.

Well, tonight we're going to be discussing a topic that I think is going to be, well, it's pretty relevant. It's surprising to me actually if you want to know the truth of it. That in our nation, we have a nation that really is built upon lies. Oh, we just had a power outage. Wonder how that happened? Well, you guys can still see me correct. You can still see me, and you can still hear me. So, the computers are working. Just the heater isn't working. Alright. Well, that's a bit of a problem. Hold on just one second. Oh, okay. Well, we do have a bit of a lighting issue. Well, it's a bit of a ghost kind of a presentation here tonight. It's going to be a bit iffy, that's for sure.

Alright, well, nonetheless, we're going to continue. And I will try to hang on just one second if you would. Alright, so I hope you guys can live with me being a little bit in the dark there. It's not the first time we've been in the dark. We have had a real war going on up here, of course, as you might imagine. But hey, I'm disappearing. There I am. Okay, once again, in front of the mountain. Okay, guys, well, like I said, I hope you can, I hope you can deal with this. We're going to be able to get we're going to be able to get as much as we can. Yeah, it should be a wood stove in here. It isn't. But it should be but okay, but that's okay. All right.

So, anyway, like I was saying, what we have discovered is that our nation is built really on lies. I was talking with a friend earlier today. We were talking about the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that it's perfectly permissible for the FBI to lie; it's perfectly permissible for judges to lie. It's perfectly permissible for politicians to lie. And in fact, you cannot sue a politician for lying to you; if a politician lied to you and said a bunch of stuff to you, that's not true. Well, then that's what he did. That's the way it goes.

So, under those circumstances, you have to ask yourself the question. How do we know what's going on in this country? How do you know what's going on in this world? And the difficulty is, of course, when people start lying, there's two things that really happened.

Can you guys hang on for just one second, hold on just a second; I'll be right back. Hey, that which was in the dark is now in the light. Ah, there we go. Alright.

As I was saying, you've got two problems; one is that if you lie continually about the state of things, then you can't really identify what's going on. And equally important, we all know, those of us who have been caught in a lie, once you start telling a lie, you got to tell another to cover up the lie that you told. Pretty soon, you got a stream of them going. And once you have a stream of them going, you have a vested interest in the lie. You've got a vested interest in it. Well, this lie is going to have to have legs because we've already got a vested interest in it. And so, this is where we are now.

It's one thing when you're talking about minor lies; it's another thing when you're talking about lies that are going to take us into World War 3. It is a different situation altogether. That’s one problem. One problem is the idea of lying continuously to get what you want—then being caught in a vested interest in the lie. The other problem is, of course, foul language.

Now we know people who use foul language. They will use like the four-letter word, and the four-letter word for this, and the four-letter word for that. And pretty soon, they are capturing all of reality in a stream of four-letter words. Everything is configured with the same four-letter word. If you're talking about that, you're talking about this; you're talking about that person, you're talking about this place, you're talking about that thing. It all falls under the four-letter word category.

Well, when you do that long enough, you can no longer correctly identify reality because you don't know what the name of the thing is. You've been calling it a POS for so long; you don't know what it's actually called. It's an amazing thing because It's like one of the critical features of the German language. You also see it in the Russian language, too. You see that there are hyper-technical terms which describe concepts that don't exist in other languages.

Like, I'll give you an example. You take the word schadenfreude. Now, schadenfreude, as far as I'm concerned, is a disgusting term. And it reminds me of disgusting things. Because it's taking joy in somebody else's tragedy, somebody else's sorrow, that's called schadenfreude in the German. There's not a word for this in English, but there certainly is a word for it in German. You have other hyper-technical words that describe mechanical expertise, that describe the aspects of hydrogen, electoral hydraulics, and so forth.

And you also see this in rocket technology among the Russians. You will see hyper-technical words that appear in the Russian that doesn't appear in the English language. And so, in order for us to gain, and this kind of hyper-technical language, that allows the expression of a greater concept, then allows for a civilization to move into a higher category of, well, intellectualism, quite frankly. And so, what takes place is that with a correct speech about the correct identification of that which exists by using words, that are properly extrapolated from reality, and properly coordinated to carefully describe that which exists, you are able to more accurately understand that which is and are able to deal with it more accurately.

As a consequence, you are as you speak, you are not as you eat, you are as you speak, this becomes a very big deal. You know, when we're talking about conversations between us at the dinner table, even at that point, people have a tendency to be slack. And they want to use a lot of slang and so on and so forth. But good diction, proper grammar, complete sentences, these kinds of things represent a complete mind. You see, if you're talking and you can't finish a sentence when you talk, or you end up speaking in sentence fragments, well, there's something going on in your mind. You have a semantic lapse that is not allowing for proper cognition. And it's because of how you speak.

So tonight, we are going to be talking about a false bearing witness. Now, we've got a couple of stories we are going to go through; this is kind of storytelling tonight. But I think it's important for us to talk about these issues. Because we have arrived at a point in time in this country, where I don't know about you, but I have no expectation, none as in zero expectation that I am ever going to hear even so much as one sentence of truth from the mainstream media. Not one sentence. The first thing that comes out of their mouth is the biggest lie they're going to tell you that night.

And when they start dropping words like global warming and climate change. Let me tell you, just count me another Alaskan for global warming. We could really need it. We could really use it about now. The reality is this. When we talk about climate change, let's just talk about it for just a second. The climate may be changing on Earth. In fact, there may be very dramatic things happening on earth, very dramatic. Dramatic to the point that it would cause man's heart to fail with fear from seeing what is coming on the earth.

We don't know; we're told that the earth is millions and millions of years old. I remember being in elementary school. My teacher told us, someday the sun's going to burn out. I'm thinking, I'm going to go home, and the sun's going to burn out. That's going to be it. She says, no, it'll be about 100 million years from now. Oh, 100 million years. Oh, okay. Well, I'm good. To go, I don't have anything to worry about; it'll be 100 million years. They just invented that. They just invent that; they don't know. They don't know. And we don't know, really, the whole lifespan of the earth. We don't know.

It's very possible that when you read in Genesis 1, this creation story that takes place over six days. That it's possible that a day was a thousand years. Because this is what Peter tells us a day to YAHUAH is a thousand years. We have this concept of this took place in a single day, and so on and so forth. It's a narrative for sure. And it's mostly a metaphorical narrative. That gives you some idea, but there's very little doubt that nothing evolved. It is not possible for YAH to place the animal on the ground for a thousand years, with no eyes waiting for the eyes to evolve. Wouldn't have happened; it just didn't happen.

But what we do see is this; what we don't know is it’s very possible that the earth was a completely different size before the flood. The earth may have had ice rings around it like Saturn. In fact, there is a discussion in Scripture about that. When the heavens opened, that ice ring may have collapsed onto the earth. But there may have been a 10th planet, you know, that blew up into an asteroid belt; that appears to be the case; there appears to be a record of that. And the asteroid belt is in an approximate orbit where a planet would be, so on and so forth. There's a lot of things that we don't know. Now, let me give you another one. That's kind of strange. But it's a difficult one, but I want to throw it on the table. When you look at the earth and you look at the oceans, we are told that there is a precipitation cycle. And this precipitation cycle is essentially dead even. That is to say, there's a lot of water that is evaporated off the ocean, and then that water is pushed onto land. And then that water then rains on the land and goes back up to the sea, and that there's an equal lateral distribution.

But what if there isn't any collateral distribution? What if there were periods of time, during mankind's prevailing, that we saw the oceans doing strange things like rising? Now, there's reason to believe this because there are human structures. Well, at least, what appeared to be human structures off the coast of Japan and the Bahamas. We see structures that are beneath the water and yet appeared to have been inhabited at some point. Now, it's possible that there was some kind of a sinking, that a portion of a continent sunk. And it's very possible that a portion of a continent rose. We don't know. Just because we haven't seen it in our lifetime doesn't mean that it didn't happen. And this is going to make such a big difference.

Because if you take a look, for instance, at the situation in Egypt, what we believe to be true. And of course, there's always discussion, Red Sea, Reed Sea. which was that they crossed, and which was that the water emptied, and so forth. And where did this happen? Well, a lot of these geographical events are at question. They are in question. And as well, they should be in question. There's been a lot of speculation as to where many of these events may have occurred. And we know, for instance, now, just to give you an example. If you look at the Mediterranean Sea, you will see that there is a portion of land that is north of the coast of Libya and Sudan. That appears to be about 300 feet deep. There's a huge shelf there. That's about 300 feet deep that reaches all the way to Sicily and all the way to Malta.

Now, what if the Mediterranean was 300 feet lower during the time of Mosheh? Thirty-five hundred years ago? What if it was lower? What was the Reed Sea? What was Mitsrayim? How big was the land? To give you an example, we think we know all there is to know about the geography in the historiography of the place. And yet, just recently, they have released a finding of two of the largest pyramids on Earth, which were found in northern Russia, in the Murmansk region. These pyramids and you can see photos of them; they are clearly pyramids. These pyramids are much larger than the pyramids in Egypt.

Now, this is, again, just another finding of more and more pyramids on the earth. And they are saying that these pyramids, we may pre-date the Gobekli Tepe. Well, that's very possible. It's very possible that they do, don't know the dating on any of it. But it's possible that they're antediluvian, that is to say, pre-flood structures. And if they're pre-flood structures, is it possible that the pyramids say, for instance, in Bosnia Herzegovina, and Sarajevo and the pyramids in Russia are these pyramids, evidence of some kind of a civilization that had a sophistication in the antediluvian period that was as great or greater than ours. There appears to be a lot of discussion concerning that. And it may be the case. So, at any rate, the problem is that when we have a series of media that is engaged in nonstop propaganda and lies, we can't get the truth of any of it.

Now, the point I'm going to make tonight on our presentation of a false witness is we're going to be discussing the aspect of bearing a false witness. Now, I know I know you guys want to get on the on the flat earth subject. And I don't think that the flat earth subject is going to be relevant to tonight's discussion, although it may, because we are going to talk about some particular stories in Scripture. We are going to talk about the ramifications of bearing false witness because the ramifications are huge.

So, tonight's presentation is A False Witness and Immeasurable Destruction.

A False Witness. So, what does it mean to bear false witness?

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor Shimon.

Shemoth, Exodus 20:16. That appears as one of the 10 Devariym or the 10 Commandments. Significant.

SHEMOTH (Exodus) 20:16:

’16. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Now, it's so funny when you look at the Hebrew. You have something that appears in the law; you have something that appears in the law all the time.

That is this idea of this prefix right here. To this right here. This Tov right here. Now, this Tov, when it appears in the law, is a prefix that means shall or will, but usually, it's construed as shall. So, you have the term here, “Lo-ta’aneh. And then here, “Re’ekha.” “Re’ekha is your neighbor, “ayd,” testimony, “shaqer,” false. “Ayd” witness your testimony. “re’ach” neighbor, but in right, that's the prefix, right?

And then you have this “Lo-ta’aneh.” Alright, well, let's take a look at see what this what this is trying to tell us here.

Enough of this Hebrew. Let's read it and see what we got. So, here we're going to take a look at this. We can see kind of an interlinear approach, if you will, on this race. Lo-ta’aneh. “Lo-ta” you shall not. “Ta” is shall, “lo” is not, and then the “you” is implied, right because of the prefix. And it is going to give you the second person masculine. So, what's it say? You shall not, then
“aneh” is heed, respond, to pay attention, to speak to sing, shout, testify, give account, afflict, announce, bring low, testify, utter, or bear witness. You shall not bear witness. What?

Then your neighbor “re’ach, neighbor “re’ach” your neighbor. “B’re’ach in your neighbor in your neighbors. What? “Ayd shaqer” in your neighbor’s false testimony. You shall not bear witness to your neighbors’ false testimony.

All right, that's a little bit different. Not what I was expecting to find in Hebrew, but it's a little bit different. And I'm not saying that this definitely warrants a translation difference. But you can see that there is a spread in the Hebrew here that has a little bit more room. And when you talk about “shaqer,” untruth, a sham. Don't spread your neighbor's sham, your neighbor’s scheme, their deceit or falsehood, their lie, their vain thing. Don't do that.

Let's get our first example.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 3:1-5:

“1. Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which YAHUAH ELOHIYM had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, has ELOHIYM said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden?..”

Start with this, right? Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. Did ELOHIYM really say, you shall not eat of that? Did he really say that? You sure about that?

“2. And the woman said unto the serpent: We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

3. But of the fruit of the tree, which is in the midst of the garden, ELOHIYM has said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.

4. And the serpent said unto the woman: Ye shall not surely die…”

True or False?

“ 5. For ELOHIYM knows that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as elohiym, knowing good and evil.”

Now, the logical mind, at this point, should have put the correlation together. And you put the correlation like this; he is telling me that ELOHIYM, who said, you shall surely die, was lying. So, if ELOHIYM is lying, now I've got a choice here. I've got one person saying one thing, which is contrary to what the other person said. One person's telling the truth, in this case, ELOHIYM, is telling the truth, and the serpent is lying. Could be. Well, how would you know?

Let's weigh the justification. For ELOHIYM knows that in the day you eat thereof, that you will not die. Does he say that? No. Then your eyes shall be opened. And you shall be as elohiym because you know good and evil. Alright, now wait a minute. Just because you know good and evil, does this make you equal to he who created existence? Would that make you equal to he who created existence? Does it come close? No, it falls short of it.

So, what would Eve (Chuah) be thinking at this point? To think well, once I know good and evil, then what? Then I came through a process of education, learning, striving, and going year after year, generation after generation, building towers so we can arrive at heaven and overthrow the creator. The one who created us out of love, we're going to overthrow him. What are they thinking? How could you think that ELOHIYM is only knowing good and evil and nothing more? Which is what the implication is here? You see, it was not properly weighed?

We have a false testimony here: Ye shall not surely die: What were the ramifications of this falsehood? Did the serpent simply get his way? Or did death come into the world where it hadn't been before?

Well, we know the truth of it, don't we?

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 3:9-13:

“9. And YAHUAH ELOHIYM called unto A’dam and said unto him: Where are you? And he said, I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, and I hid myself.

And he said: Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded you that you should not eat?

And the man said: The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

And YAHUAH ELOHIYM said unto the woman, what is this that you have done? And the woman said: The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

He beguiled her because she didn't think past the immediate moment. She didn't think past the lust of her eyes.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 3:14-16:

“14. And YAHUAH ELOHIYM said unto the serpent: Because you have done this, you are cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon your belly, you shall go, and dust shall you eat all the days of your life:

15. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed, and her seed, it shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.

16. Unto the woman, he said, I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; in sorrow, you shall bring forth children; and your desire shall be to your man, and he shall rule over you.

Now we see here that we have an immediate ramification for the serpent. For the nachash got an immediate ramification because you have done this, you are cursed above all cattle. There is no beast on earth that has a lower position than you. You will go on your belly eating dust. And remember that dust is from where mankind comes from. Mankind comes from the dust; let’s not forget that.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 3:17-19:

“17. And unto to A’dam, he said, Because you have hearken unto the voice of your woman, and have eaten of the tree,..”

See, it's not just that he hearkened unto the voice of his woman, but he also ate of the tree.

“17. Of which I commanded you, saying: You shall not eat of it: cursed is the ground for your sake; in sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life;

18. Thorns also in thistles shall bring forth to you, and you shall eat the herb of the field;

19. In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, till you return unto the ground; for out of it you were taken: for dust you are, and unto to dust you shall return.”

Now, it's important when we look at the ramifications of this false witness. Obviously, huge ramifications, ramifications that are still with us to this day. Why? Because death is in the world, and death comes to all flesh in this world. And that's just the way it is. It doesn't make any difference if you're a perfect Torah keeper or not; death will come to you, death comes to us all. And dust we are in the dust we shall return, according to this Scripture.

Now, the cursing of the ground, of course, is mitigated after Noah, after Noah's other Curse of the ground is mitigated. And there is a reason for that.

But let's look at this the consequences of this lie that was told,

Sorrow is multiplied, and there is sorrow in conception for a woman;

You know, a lot of women die in childbirth, which is one of the great tragedies on earth when that happens.

A woman's desire shall be to her man, and he shall rule over her.

Well, a lot of guys take this as total dominion. And that's not what it means. But this is the way it is.

Cursed is the ground for the man’s sake; he eats in sorrow all the days of his life.

Now, when the ground was cursed during this period of time, this would be the Antediluvian period; the ground was cursed during that time. Men became mean. I don't know if you've ever seen animals, but I'm sure you have. But when you take an animal, and you leave them in a very difficult environment, animals become mean. They get mean. And mankind got mean because he was eating the earth the field; by his sweat, he was eating bread. And dust he is, and unto dust, he did return. So, mankind became mean as a result of this. I think that was a big part of what happened here in YAH’S judgment.

Now here we're going to go into the next story, again, of false witness. This is a false witness that you guys are familiar with. But it's worth seeing because it is a story that’s narrated for us here in Genesis concerning Yoceph.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 39:7-9:

“7. And it came to pass after these things that his adoniy’s woman, cast her eyes upon El-Yoceph; and she said: Lie with me.

8. But he refused, and said unto the woman of his Adonai: Behold, my Adonai knows not what is with me in the house, and he has committed all that he has to my hand:

9. There is none greater in this house than I; neither has he kept back anything from me but you because you are his woman: how then can I do this great wickedness and sin against ELOHIYM?”

Now, here you have Joseph, demonstrating what's called a fiduciary duty. Fiduciary Duty when you're when you have the responsibility of somebody else's stuff in your care, you have a fiduciary duty to care for those things. And here Joseph is saying he doesn't even know all that he has put into my care, but it's in my care, nonetheless. All he has reserved is you.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 39:10-15:

“10. And it came to pass as she spoke to El-Yoceph day by day, that he hearkened not unto her, to lie by her, or to be with her.

11. And it came to pass about this time that Yoceph went into the house to do his business, and there was none of the men of the house there within.

12. And she caught him by his garment, saying: Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got himself out.

13. And it came to pass, when she saw that he had left his garment in her hand, and was fled fourth,

14. That she called unto the men of her house, and spoke unto them saying: See, he has brought in an Ivriy unto us to mock us; he came in unto to me to lie with me, and I cried with a loud voice:

15. And it came to pass when he heard that I lifted up my voice and cried, that he left his garment with me, and fled, and got him out.”

Now here, we're told the narrative that this is a false accusation. This is a false accusation. But let's look at some of the categories here, this false accusation is driven by lust, and when the lust is not met, a false accusation ensues.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 39:16-20:

“16. And she laid up his garment by her until his adoniy came home.

17. And she spoke to him according to these words, saying: the Ivriy servant, which you have brought unto us, came in to meet the mock me:

18. And it came to pass, as I lifted up my voice and I cried, that he left his garment with me and fled out.

19. And it came to pass when his Adoni heard the words of his woman, which she has spoken to him, saying: After this manner did your servant to me; that his wrath was kindled.

20. And Yoceph adoniy took him, and put him into the prison, a place where the king’s prisoners were bound: and he was there in prison.”

Ramifications of the false witness. Joseph goes to prison.

Yoceph spends two years in prison according to Genesis 41:1, and what of his false accuser of his false accuser. Well, look what happens here.

BERE’SHIYTH (Genesis) 41:50-51:

“50. And unto Yoceph were born two sons before the years of famine came, which Acenath the daughter of Potiy Phera, priest of On bore unto him.

51. And Yoceph called the name of the firstborn Menashsheh:..”

Why did he call him the Menashsheh?

“51. For Elohim, said he, has made me forget all my toil and all of my father's house.”

Now, here you have a fellow that his brothers were going to kill him. They sold him into slavery, he comes into slavery, and he ends up working at his adonyi’s house. His wife falsely accuses him of rape, he ends up in prison, and only by interpreting dreams. And of course, the book of Yashar describes that he also learned the Hebrew language and 71 other languages overnight.

So, what do we see? Yoceph names his son Menashsheh. Because YAH allowed him to forget the grievance that he had against his brothers, to forget the grievance he had against his adoniy’s wife for the false accusation. To forget all of these things. He forgot all that was going on. He was such a superstar that he ended up managing the prison while he was there. Quite the person this Joseph, I mean, really quite the person. And by the time it's all said and done, he becomes the most important person in all of Egypt.

So, we have the rule, however, for those of you who are students of the Torah. There is a rule concerning bearing false witness.

DEVARIYM (Deuteronomy) 19:16-21:

“16. If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong;

17. Then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before YAHUAH, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days;

18. And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and has testified falsely against his brother;

19. Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so you shall put the evil away from among you.”

20. And those which remain shall hear, and fear, and shall henceforth commit no more any such evil among you.

21. And your eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

In other words, if a person is to have their hand lopped off for stealing, and it turns out you're lying about them doing the stealing, you get your hand lopped off. If a person has to have his eye poked out because of something he saw, that you claimed he saw it, but he didn't see it, because you're lying. You get your eye poked out. If somebody is deserving of the death penalty because you've accused him of rape, and the rape never occurred, and it’s found out that you're lying. Guess what? You get the death penalty, according to the Torah, according to Devariym.

Thank you. I'm hoping this illness is behind us; it's getting there. We're getting back behind it. I don't know if you guys want to talk about this for a little bit, we can, I can tell you that, when we talk about what's going on with the pathogen that's moving around, this pathogen that's currently with us, wouldn't be with us at all, if there hadn't been such a radical protocol to snake bite everybody, because it's caused the mutants.

This was announced by one of the top vaccine experts in the world back in late 2020. Who said do not vaccinate. No one listened. And so now we have a lot of variants. The variant that's out here right now is highly contagious, but it has weaker symptoms. So, this is what we know now. All of this protocol that they're engaged in right now, which it's hard for me to believe that they've gotten this far. But we do see that people in Austria who are rising up. I think there were a million people in Vienna that were rising up against this Chancellor, this new chancellor; they have, that intends to jail people for a year after finding them into bankruptcy. And you have people that are in quarantine camps in Australia, and so forth.

We know a lot of this stuff is going on. And no one wants to admit the fact that their two weeks of shutting down non-essential businesses back in 2020, in order to flatten the curve turned out to be a total complete failure didn't stop anything. Wearing the mask for two years didn't stop anything. Contact tracing didn't stop anything. Social distancing didn't stop anything. Wearing a face diaper didn't stop anything, that it's been a total complete failure. And we know now, for instance, in the UK, 80% of those dying from the pathogen, our double snake bit. Same thing in Israel. The same thing in Portugal. Portugal has a 96% Jab rate. And they have one of the highest spikes of hospitalizations for the pathogen in the world right now.

So, we see that even in anybody's view, which of course, we don't have people correctly identifying the truth; we have people lying, constantly lying. The health director for Canada said there have been many, many tests, and it's been proven safe and effective. When we know that the stillborn rate is up 800%, we know that the death of pilots is up 1700%. We know there's a lot of figures that none of them want to talk about because they don't tell the truth. And if they told the truth and stopped bearing false witness, we could get to a solution for all of us. But they don't want a solution.

They want to make money on this protocol that they're engaged in right now. And it's a protocol that ultimately is going to fail and is going to result in an entirely new paradigm throughout the western world. But it's going to come through a convulsion, a very serious convulsion. And we're in that convulsion right now. Right. Anyway, I want to thank you guys for your prayers in terms of my getting through this recovery. We are going to get there, you know, we do all this stuff. Alright. Alright, let's continue.

So, you see the standard in Devariym; we see the standard.

Alright, now, let's take the story of Shushanah. Now, this is a story that doesn't appear in everybody's Bible. But if it did, if it had appeared, then you'd have the chance for people to get some kind of an idea understanding as to what you do. Now, let me give you an example. Let's take a look at the story.

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:7-11:

“7. Now, when the people departed away at noon, Shushanah went into her man’s garden to walk.

8. And the two elders saw her going in every day, and walking; so that their lust was inflamed toward her.

9. And they perverted their own mind, and turned away their eyes, that they might not look unto heaven, nor remember just judgments.

10. And albeit they both were wounded with her love yet dare not show one another his grief.

11. For they were ashamed to declare their lust, that they desired to have to do with her.”

So, these guys are hot on to Shushanah, who's married by the way.

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:15-17:

“15. And it fell out, as they watched a fit time, she went in as before with two maids only,..”

This is in her backyard.

“15. And she was desirous to wash herself in the garden: for it was hot.

16. And there was nobody there save the two elders that had hidden themselves and watched her.

17. Then she said to her maids: Bring me oil and washing balls, and shut the garden doors, that I may wash me.

18. And they did as she bade them, and shut the garden doors, and went out themselves at privy doors to fetch the things that she had commanded them: but they saw not the elders because they were hid.”

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:19-25:

“19. Now, when the maids were gone forth, the two elders rose up, and ran unto her saying:

20. Behold, the garden doors are shut, that no man can see us, and we are in love with you; therefore, consent unto us, and lie with us.

21. If you will not, we will bear witness against you, that a young man was with you: and therefore you did send away your maids from you.

22. Then Shushanah sighed and said, I am straitened on every side: for If I do this thing, it is death unto me: and if I do it not, I cannot escape your hands.

23. It is better for me to fall into your hands and not do it than to sin in the sight of YAHUAH.

24. With that, Shushanah cried with a loud voice: and the two elders cried out against her. Then ran the one and opened the garden door.”

Now, I don't know if you're familiar with the story of Shushanah, but Shushanah appears, following the book of Daniel. It follows the book of Daniel and is incorporated in the Daniel readings along with Bel and the dragon and the prayer of Azariah. It's a very good teaching, and we're going to see why it's good teaching.

So, we see what happens to poor Shushanah.

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:28-34:

“28. And it came to pass the next day when the people were assembled to her man Yahuyaqiym; the two elders came also full of mischievous imagination against Shushanah to put her to death;..”

Right, now, here we go. Before we saw Potiy Phera’s wife, she's got a lust for Joseph. She wants him to be put in prison because he said no. Now, these guys, she says no to them, and they want her to be put to death. Oh, no, because they know they will be accused of rape.

“29. And said before the people: Send for Shushanah, the daughter of Qelkyahu, Yo’akiym’s woman. And so they sent.

30. So she came with her father and her mother, her children, and all her kindred….”

Right, her children and all her kindred.

“31. Now Shushanah was a very delicate woman and beauteous to behold.

32. And these wicked men commanded to uncover her face (for she was covered) that they might be filled with her beauty.

33. Therefore, her friends and all that saw her wept.

34. Then, the two elders stood up in the midst of the people and laid their hands upon her head.

35. And she, weeping, looked up toward heaven: for her heart trusted YAHUAH.”

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:36-41:

“36. And the elders said: As we walked in the garden alone, this woman came in with two maids, and shut the garden doors, and sent the maids away.

37. Then a young man, who was there hid, came unto her, and lay with her.

38. Then we that stood in the corner of the garden, seeing this wickedness, ran unto them.

39. And when we saw them together, the man we could not hold: for he was stronger than we, and opened the door, and leaped out.

40. But having taken this woman, we asked who the young man was, but she would not tell us: these things do we testify.

41. Then the assembly believed them as those that were the elders and judges (!) of the people:..”

These were two judges that were going after her. You see this; they were two elders and two judges that were going after her.

“41. So they condemned her to death.”

Boy, remember, we were talking about schadenfreude, the beginning of the show tonight schadenfreude, they want to take her veil off, so that they could see the beauty of the woman they're about to put to death schadenfreude, right.

Now, here we see a couple of things. One is,

MATTITHYAHU (Matthew) 18:16:

“16. But if he will not hear you, then take with you one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established.”

Mattithyahu 18:16 or from Devariym. We see the standard,

DEVARIYM (Deuteronomy) 17:6:

“6. At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness, he shall not be put to death.”

So, we see the idea of two or more witnesses. Now we've got two witnesses; we got two elders, two judges, who both said the same thing.

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:42-49:

“42. Then Shushanah cried out with a loud voice, and said, O, everlasting ELOHIYM that know the secrets, and know all things before they be:”

43. You know that they have borne false witness against me, and behold, I must die, whereas I never did such things as these men have maliciously invented against me.

44. And YAHUAH heard her voice…”


“45. Therefore when she was led to be put to death, YAHUAH raised up the Ruach Ha’qodesh of a young youth whose name was Daniy’el:

46. Who cried with a loud voice, I am clear from the blood of this woman.

47. Then all the people turned them toward him, and said: What mean these words that you have spoken?

48. So he standing in the midst of them said: Are ye such fools, ye sons of Yashar’el, that without examination or knowledge of the Truth ye have condemned a daughter of Yashar’el?

49. Return again to the place of judgment: for they have borne false witness against her.”

Now, here, we see a couple of things happening here. When you talk about legal standards. Number one, Daniy’el saying I am clear from the blood of this woman, that is to say, I'm no relationship to her, I'm an objective person, Not related. I don't have a bias in this. Then he's saying; you have to examine. You have to make an examination to get knowledge of the truth. Now in the legal business, we call that cross-examination.

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:51-55:

“51. Then Daniy’el said unto them, Put these two aside one far from the other, and I will examine them.

52. So when they were put asunder one from another, he called one of them, and said unto him: O you that are waxing old and wickedness, now your sins which you have committed aforetime are come to light.

53. For you have pronounced false judgment and have condemned the innocent and let the guilty go free; albeit YAHUAH says, The innocent and righteous you shall not slay.

54. Now then, if you have seen her, tell me, under what tree saw you them company together? He answered: Under a mastic tree.

55. And Daniy’el said: Very well; you have lied against your own head; for even now the angel of ELOHIYM has received the sentence of ELOHIYM to cut you in two.”

Ooh, boy, Daniy’el’s not messing around.

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:56-59:

“56. So he put him aside, and commanded to bring the other, and said unto him: O seed of Kena’an, not of YAHUAH,..”

So, the other judge was a Canaanite.

“56. Beauty has deceived you, and lust has perverted your heart.

57. Thus have ye dealt with the daughters of Yashar’el, and they for fear companied with you: but the daughter of Yahudah would not abide your wickedness.

58. Now, therefore, tell me: Under what tree did you take them companying together? Who answered: under a holm tree.

59. Then said Daniy’el unto him: Well, you have also lied against your own head: for the angel of ELOHIYM waits with the sword to cut you in two, that he may destroy you.”

SHUSHANAH (Susannah) 1:60-63:

“60. With that, all the assembly cried out with a loud voice and praised ELOHIYM, who saves them to trust in him.

The jury, the assembly, all the assembly, the jury.

“61. And they rose against the two elders, for Daniy’el had convicted them of false witness by their own mouth:..”

You know, he could have said under what tree? They could have said okay, look, you know, I lied. I didn't see such a thing didn't happen. Maybe they could have repented; who knows. But they didn't. They continued with their lie, and he caught him in it.

“62. And according to the Torah of Mosheh, they did enter them in such sort as they maliciously intended to do to their neighbor: and put them to death…”

We saw in Devariym what that standard was.

“62. Thus, the innocent blood was saved the same day.

63. Therefore Qelkyahu and his woman praised ELOHIYM for their daughter Shushanah, with Yahuyaqiym her man and all the kindred, because there was no dishonesty found in her.

64. From that day forth was Daniy’el held in great repute in the sight of the people.

Now, we see here that this is something that we need to think about. And again, it's just a shame that this doesn't appear in the average 66 book Bible because it's such a huge instruction in terms of what we do. There's another story that I didn't talk about in here, which is, of course, the Jezebel, Ahab story, Ach’av, which is where Ach’av goes to visit this friend of his, and the guy's got a nice vineyard. And you know how people are, oh, man, I want to have a vineyard. Everybody thinks that everybody wants to have a vineyard; I want to own a vineyard. Well, he wanted to own this guy's vineyard. The guy said I can't sell it to you. It's my inheritance. I can't sell you my inheritance. And so Ach’av goes back to Jezebel and says, I'm just so upset. What are you upset about? I want that vineyard, and the guy won't sell it to me. Oh, no problem, says Jezebel. Just have these two guys stand up at dinner and accuse this guy of blasphemy. That's two witnesses. And that'll be that.

So, the two guys were paid to get false witnesses. They stood up and bore false witness. And they take out the vineyard owner and stone them to death. Ach’av takes the vineyard. The prophet comes to Ach’av and says, hey, guess what? Because you have done this thing. You're your wife will die, and dogs will eat her. Your blood will be poured out on this very vineyard. Ach’av tries to repent. Well, he can repent all day long, and he did repent. But it didn't change the fact that when he died from a random arrow, that he bled out right there in that vineyard. Because guess what? It was a judged against him as a murder.

We see this going on in our country right now, all the time, the false witness that takes place. That comes out of the mainstream media, where they just make up stuff in order to further their agenda. And there's absolutely no cost to their false witness. Instead, they continue to influence politics. Instead, they continue to influence the vote. Instead, they continue to influence public opinion because people continue to listen to someone who was telling them one bald-faced lie after another.

All right, let's continue. I don't know where I am in this thing. But let's continue. Alright,

we can determine the following:

Because A matter is established on the testimony of two or three witnesses:

  • The testimony must be subject to challenge to determine its veracity.

  • Knowledge of whether the testimony is true or false must be had first.

Now, there's a lot of techniques in cross-examination. But you use cross-examination to weed out logical inconsistencies, factual anomalies, impossibilities, and things that are otherwise just kind of generally made up or taken for granted that somebody may believe is true. But it turns out it's not true at all because they just wanted to believe it. So cross-examination is done to do this. Now, cross-examination has been preserved in the common law world as a fundamental human right. You have the right to confront the witnesses against you. Of course, all of this stuff has gone the way of the wandering dove in the current world, where you don't have the right to confront anybody, you don't have the right to do anything. You just have to live with whatever is going on because you have an absolutely perverted news media and a perverted group of rulers who could care less about the rule of law.

I'm going to just take aside for just a second. Here is what's happening in the country. During the Obama Administration, there was a financial crisis that hit 2008, 2009. The end of the Bush Administration coming into Obama, there was a financial crisis that hit. Now, that's the financial crisis started out with a fund called the tarp fund; there was 734 billion in that tarp fund. And the reason the fund was created is because somebody shorted the stock on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the short was an all-time phenomenal short. When the short came through, they collected 734 billion dollars, which is what drove Lehman bankrupt, and a couple of other things happened. But it was on a singular short.

Now, this fund would only spend about 600 billion when Obama got in. And Obama moved 134 billion into a Vatican account thereafter. But during the Obama administration, because the situation was so bad in Europe, the Federal Reserve literally transferred, like $16 trillion dollars into European banks, they just did it. There was no congressional authorization, there was no this no, that they just created the money out of thin air and transferred it to European banks.

Now, at that time, that was the deficit, the deficits now, I think, $32 trillion dollars. And they lie about what our GDP is; we're about 400%, GDP to debt ratio. But at any rate, what happened when that took place was people began to realize, oh, it looks like we can simply print money at will. We can print as much money as we want to print. And it makes no difference, because we can eat up the inflation by correcting the stock market from time to time; we will correct the stock market here, correct the stock market there. And then the next thing, you know, the inflation is gone, and so we can just keep printing money, at Infinitum. there's no stop to our printing money. It doesn't make any difference. We don't need tax revenues. We don't need this. We don't need that. We don't need anything. All we do is print the money.

So, when we get to Donald Trump, Trump did the same thing. And he started moving a lot of money; he started moving a lot of money. There was some $600 billion bailout that he just coughed up. Right, there was no, there's no cost-benefit analysis, there was no tax increase. They just printed the money. And said, there you go. When it came to this Operation Warp Speed and the promulgation of this scamdemeck, all of this was funded with Federal money. And this Federal money comes up, boom, boom, boom. And they take the Federal money, and they tell a hospital, hey, look, if you bring in a patient, and you bring them in under the C-word, well, guess what, we give you a bonus. If you treat them with Remdesivir instead of Ivor well, then you get a bonus. If they die, well, then you get a bonus. If it's on their death certificate that they had the C, well, then you get a bonus. There is paid incentives to maintain this protocol that comes directly from the Federal Government on an off-budget item.

Nobody passed this in Congress. There wasn't some bill that said, let's spend this money. It's just let's spend the money wherever we want. And then if you give 10’ s of billions of dollars to a pharmaceutical company, and say, hey, we want to make sure that you get this rolling. Get this rolling so that we can get this Operation Warp Speed going. Here's billions and billions of dollars; spend the money where you will. Then it's an absolute shock when Jacinda there in New Zealand goes from a net worth of $800,000 to 25 million bucks in a single year. Oh, that's a surprise. Then it's a shock when the Prime Minister of Australia has to step down because they prove she put 10 million in her own bank account. That's a surprise. It's not a surprise.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by the drug dealers that call themselves pharmaceutical companies. And it's being done with money that has no consequence to it. We don't have to print it. We don't have to justify it. We don't have to pass a bill to legislators. It doesn't have to be discussed. It doesn't have to originate out of the House of Representatives. It doesn't have to have anything to do with Congress. We'll just print it and spend it. And what's what does it mean to you? We can control inflation, and we can control inflation, can you? Can you control inflation? That's why inflation is the highest it's been since 1981. When it was running a 21%. And believe me, it's going to go through the roof. Everybody expects the world to just go; oh, the dollar is just so supreme because all these people are just so neat. They know exactly what they're doing, and there's is no ramifications to their false witness. There's no ramifications to their false witness. None.

But the ramification of a false witness can be devastating:

an innocent person who may be put to death or have their life destroyed.

The fallout from such a thing wreaks havoc on the family in the social order around the family.

Now we're going to take a look at one more example.

And again, it's a shame that Shushanah was not in the text that would have been readable to this person before he made the decision he did.

Constantine, the one who formed Roman Christianity,

Constantine's firstborn, Crispus, was the product of Constantine's first marriage to a woman named Minervina, about whom little is known.

She was probably from York in England.

Crispus became a great warrior on behalf of the Empire and even bore the title Caesar.

So, when Constantine was busy shoring up his capital in Constantinople, his son was busy winning wars on the German frontier and was winning wars against Constantine's main rivals.

Constantine, however, had remarried a woman named Faustus, who was related to two fellows vying for control of Rome. In the western empire. The former capital. Constantine eliminated them both as a threat, and his son Crispus went on to score major military victories on the way to securing New Rome under his father.

So here we're seeing that Constantine had made the decision, Rome is not particularly defensible against our adversaries because it's got an open coastline, etc. It's easily accessed, as the Visigoths would later prove. And he wanted a more defensible outpost. He wanted an outpost that would allow him to rule really all of the Mediterranean, and even into Eastern Europe, and into the Middle East. And so, this was Constantinople.

Faustus, having watched your family be destroyed in Rome and having three sons (the oldest of which was 10, concocted a plan to remove Crispus from the throne.

In April of AD 320, Constantine had promulgated a law with regard to rape and the various parties involved. This new law “added the voice of Imperial authority to the cause of private morality, which was thus translated into the realm of public concern. Adultery and elopement, like rape, were species of theft from husband and father but also offenses against morality which husband and father had no business to ignore, whatever their personal inclinations.”

The punishment for rape under Constantine was very severe. It was actually softened in AD 349 by Constantine to just capital punishment. According to Judith Evans Grubbs, “The original penalty may have been summum supplicium (‘the supreme penalty’), a form of death such as condemnation ad bestias (that is to be torn apart by wild beasts) or burning.”

Okay, we're going to soften it the capital punishment. You got to love the Roman thinking.

Fausta’s plan was simple. Just make a false report concerning rape.

Just like Potiy Phera’s wife did before Fausta was going to do again.

The story goes that she tried to seduce Crispus, but he balked (he had a wife and a child at the time) and hurriedly left the palace. Undaunted, she told Constantine that Crispus did not respect his father since he was in love with her and had tried to rape his father's wife.

Now at this point, Constantine would have done well to call Daniy’el and cross-examine, right, to find out what the story was, but he didn't.

Constantine believed her and had his eldest son executed.

That this was the son that was winning awards for him, this was the son that you would be extremely proud of. This was the son that was going to be his heir. This is the son that had loyalty, and this was the son that was making his dreams of the Empire come true.

A few months later, however, Constantine discovered how his wife had manipulated him into killing Crispus. He then had her executed by passing her into boiling water. He then issued a damnatio memoriae (“condemnation of memory”) to erase her from official accounts, a form of dishonor issued against traders and those who brought discredit to the Roman state. This haunted him to his last days, and he never remarried.

I mean, you could just imagine.

So, here, take a look at this, you guys. Because you know, we think of Constantine as this Roman guy. That Constantine was a Roman and that he moved everything over. But if you look closely at this picture, it's very clear. Constantine was a Brit. He was born in York; he was born in York, England. That's where his father was in York, England. That's where he met his first wife was in York, England. And the son of York would come to lead the Roman Empire. And, of course, coming out of York, the Silurian Empire, which was not really an empire, but out of Wales at that time, had the faith established. The faith had been established or, at this point, for 300 years.

And so, Constantine knew of its influence. And Constantine is the one who decided. I'm going to fight under the key row. Now, the key row, when you look at it, it looks like a P, that's the row, and then the x, which is key, right key, the key row, and he fought under that symbol. St. crustose, meaning good, not Christos, meaning anointed, but crustose, meaning good. And he had success under that banner, under the key row. But his tentative approach towards Christianity was, he got one foot in, and then he got it. He got one toe in, and then another toe, and then another toe, and then another toe. Until eventually, he didn't completely convert to Christianity until Easter.

He came down with a sickness unto death, he came down with the sickness and death on Easter, and he died on Pentecost. And he didn't convert until then. But in the meantime, he had worked to secure to end the persecution of people of the faith throughout the Empire, and this cannot be denied. But it's very clear when you when you look at Constantine, you can see number one, the grief of killing his own son resides in his eyes. And when you look over here and look at his face a little bit, you see this right here, the beard kind of give you that Abe Lincoln look? He's got kind of that Abe Lincoln gauntness to his face. And then you see over here, of course, Crispus, the son of Constantine. There's not a lot left of him; we have his face on some coins. A young warrior is doing dutifully to win the empire for his father. And then, of course, Faust is here, one who would bear false witness, and the ramifications of her false witness would be that she would end up in boiling water.

Now, what we see from this is what? We see that this kind of false witness had massive massive implications.

With the death of his son, the empire could not maintain its unity, Rome divided (a division still in place today);

Rome divided as a result of this. And when Rome divided as a result of this, you see Diocletian come back, Diocletian; as soon as Diocletian came back in Western Rome, he began once again persecuting and assassinating people of faith. He rejected the Christian faith.

And Constantine's grandson, through Fausta, would use his post

When he took the throne there and Constantinople.

To loot the Western Empire for the benefit of the Eastern Empire;

That is to say; you want some of this stuff, I'll sell it to you. You want some of that; I'll sell it to you. Want some of this? I'll sell it to you. Now, this is what is going on in the United States right now. We're being looted. The decision was made to loot the United States during the Bill Clinton administration around 1996. And a lot of it had to do with Maggie Thatcher. But there was a discussion that what we're going to do is we're going to transfer the manufacturing base and the industrial base out of the United States. And we're going to put it in China because China can be a better developed a situation, we can get a lot more goods made a lot cheaper than having to put up the American tariffs, and let the Americans live fat, dumb, and happy for a while.

But in the meantime, when that began with World Trade Organization meetings, with GATT, with NAFTA, all of that. The decision was made to loot the United States, to loot the United States and everything that has taken place since then. Everything that's taking place in this century now has been looting. And so, you see the military-industrial complex, essentially doing whatever it wants to do and having one war after another. And, of course, this war in Afghanistan, turning into a major disgrace for the United States. And this absolutely humiliating loss that no one in the media will cover because they're liars.

In Afghanistan, and the transfer of $94 billion with our top technology and kinetic warfare to our former enemies, all of this goes unnoticed. Why? Because they're busy looting the country. And it makes no difference what anybody says, or anybody does; we're going to continue to loot until it's all gone. And so, as a result, you can see in the major cities in the United States, what the looting has done, look at the homeless and all this other stuff. You can see that this looting is just going on non-stop. Now, this is what happened here in Western Rome, that although these people were enough when they were, you know, all power-hungry. I'm the new Caesar over here, Diocletian, I'm the new Caesar here. I'm going to come to power. I'm going to do this; they didn't. And instead, the Eastern Empire sold them out. They said, you can have that, you can have this, you can have that. The Visigoths came down there and burned Rome. Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? Let's get down to burn Rome. Okay, great idea. And so, they would. They continually attacked Rome; they continually burned it down.

Arthur, the first King Arthur, the first Silurian (Welsh) king, he actually put together troops and went into Western Europe and fought on behalf of the Eastern Empire. Trying to hold the West to the East and a whole series of battles until he was finally killed at war. He lost the eventual battle. Now, when that happened, you're talking about in the late 400’s, the late 300’s in the early 400’s, you see Rome just completely catastrophically collapse. And when it collapsed, it collapsed. Italy went into a series of city-states. And as it did, that's not going to reform into a solidified country until Garibaldi in the 19th century.

And in the meantime, what happens in Europe? Western Europe falls into utter darkness. I mean, darkness. When you talk about what used to be the Roman Empire, where there was an expectation that there was going to be good plumbing, that there was going to be aqueducts full of water, Roman roads, and access to the Roman legal system, the Justinian code and so forth, the Corpus Juris Civilis, these things, these things were going away. And in fact, how far did they go away? They completely disappeared. The average person could not read or write. And so, we know that by the time you get to 600 AD, 700 Ad, the average person was, in Europe was living in a dugout hole. And in that hole, they would put a roof over the top, with a center hole in the roof with a ladder going through it. They would burn a fire underneath the center holes, so the smoke would go out through the center hole. They put a grass hut above it, and their cattle, all their animals, would live on the floor above them. You would be living down in the basement of a barn, and the cattle are living above you.

And the average person was drinking eight gallons of mead a day, the average person. And so basically, there were three kinds of persons during alive at that time. There were those who farmed, those who prayed, and those who fought. We start to see something different happen only at 800 AD with the rise of the Holy Roman Empire, the Second Reich under Charlemagne, who would come to rule out of Austria in that area, to try to instill the Reich, and the Reich would have a certain amount of reining. But you know, we don't get feudalism until 1066, with William the Conqueror. Even then, things were dark, dark, dark, and things continued dark. It wasn't until the late 12th century that we begin to see some light, some glimmer of light. Now, all of this takes place because they could not hold the unity of the Empire. They couldn't hold the unity of the Empire because somebody couldn't manage their lust and had no respect for the concept that thou shalt not bear false witness. And so, this false witness has huge huge ramifications.

Now, we see the same thing happening in this country. There was no problem, for instance, in bearing false witness on the so-called Russian collusion with Donald Trump. Which was the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I can't believe anybody gave legs to that thing. It was the dumbest thing I've ever heard. They were trying to accuse him of this thing that happened in Russia, blah, blah, blah. The guy who made it up said point-blank, he made it up, and he stole it from somebody else who was writing some emails somewhere. And they gave it legs, and they put money behind it. Then the next thing you know, you had FBI agents lying to the FISA court in order to get warrants and subpoenas and to search and to do things that were completely illegal for which they have paid no price whatsoever. No price doesn't make any difference what crimes they commit; they're immune.

It doesn't make any difference how much money they spend. It's immune from having any cost ramifications. It's all immune, immune, except it isn't. The ramifications are coming and coming quickly.

This is the presentation for tonight. So, if we have got some questions, let's talk about some of the stuff you guys want to talk about here today. I know, I've been seeing a lot of guys; you've been covering a lot of topics. And of course, we haven't talked. I didn't spend the time today opening prayers like I should have. We prayed a lot last week. I still owe South Africa prayer. I love you guys in South Africa; you know that. I think it's an extremely important country, in the scope of things. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Japan, South Korea all of these are countries that are important to what is happening in the Western world and in places that we need to pray for, also for those people in Taiwan.

When we talk about the other nations, we're talking about the nations of South America and the nations Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, the EU, and Eastern Europe. You know, all of these things remain on the table. And these things that remain on the table. I can tell you; we've talked about this for a long time. And there are a lot of people who think that there isn't going to be any war coming. I think that that is just not true. I think there are people in Europe; right now, there are some parties in Europe that are absolutely certain that war is coming.

For instance, in Poland, you see a lot of students that have left the Polish University to go study in the Donbas region. Why would they do that? Because they're expecting war. Serbia has broken out of NATO and has aligned itself once again with Russia. Why is that? Because they're expecting war. Norway has told NATO to keep their troops out of Norway. Why is that? Because they're expecting war. And so, the expectation for war is quite high. Right now. It's quite high. Joe Biden has no respect whatsoever for Russia. He gives lip service and doesn't do what he is supposed to do. Russia has said you need to make assurances that there will be no NATO membership and that you will not put NATO weapons in Ukraine. And Biden refuses to make those assurances, and they continue to put weapons in Ukraine. And so, at any rate, all of this is going to end up exploding, and it's going to explode on the stage in a way in 2022 that I think is going to be really significant. I think all of us are going to see it. And as we do this, then there's going to be a question of, is it possible to have any of this.


RACHEL-ASERVANTOFYAH: What is the difference between miry clay and potter's clay in Daniel 2? Is connected to the RX? Shot?

DR. PIDGEON: That is a good question. And I can't say that it is. I think when you talk about the miry clay, and so forth, I don't think that is related to the thing.

LYNN BB: Druids are Celtic?

DR. PIDGEON: Well, this is actually a misconception because the people that are in that section of the UK are not Celtic people but are Gaelic people. There is a distinction. There is a distinction; the Celtic people are Kasdiym Chaldean.

TEE JO: Who is Juan O Savin 107.

DR. PIDGEON: Who knows. I can tell you that when you Talk about a lot of that stuff that goes on, that stuff is disinformation. You got to be really careful because there's a lot of SIOP stuff.

MICHAEL WHITE: King Arthur II is buried in a cave and Ogmore, South Wales. Camelot was located just outside of Cardiff.

DR. PIDGEON: Yeah, I totally agree with that, Michael White. I've actually been in the church where they found the grave of King Arthur inside Wales. King Arthur the second, his funeral was 592 AD, and 592, by the way, was very interesting writing from Queen Elizabeth the first concerning all this reference, referencing Gilda’s, referencing the fact that Joseph of Arimathea preached in the first century in Britain. From Elizabeth the First, she wrote this. And so, we see that there is a lot a lot of truth that this idea of Camelot, Camelot was actually, the island that runs through there where you have the Cardiff castle. And then there is an abbey behind there. That used to be the island that was called Avalon, that was Avalon. And this is Avalon, where Joseph of Arimathea was, and that's where his grave is, I believe.

CHERREE H: I’ve seen more and more army here in Australia.

DR. PIDGEON: The Australian government is a completely foolish government. They are under the impression that they rule over Australia, not govern Australia. And that is going to be a fatal error. And they will see. Because right now, Europe is just about to explode. Let me say this so that everyone knows, Europe is just about to explode. When you see a million people in the streets of Vienna, Europe is just about to explode. And the explosion is going to blow across all of Europe. It's not just going to be in Austria, it's going to be in Germany, it's going to be in Romania, it's going to be in Poland, it's going to be in France, and most assuredly it's going to be in Britain. The fact is the Governments think they are there to rule, and they are not; they're there to Govern, and people are withdrawing the consent to Govern. So, your you're holding your appointment, at the point of a gun only, as one person pointed out. The Pope said that getting vaccinated is an act of love. But an act of love when it is mandated and forced is rape. And these rapists that are in office can't distinguish the difference because they've been engaged in rape for a long time.

FLOU RISH: Do you see any relevance in the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's prophecy in Spring of 2022.

DR. PIDGEON: We are reaching the end of Queen Elizabeth's tenure. And she has been stalwart in doing absolutely nothing for the last 70 years. She has failed to defend the faith in Britain. She has failed to defend the faith that she had an obligation to defend. And in fact, the nature of the monarchy is to defend the faith. To not defend the faith is an act of treason against the United Kingdom. And whoever is going to replace her needs to keep that in mind.

ROBBI S: All praise and thanks to YAHUAH. I have suffered with a permanent indwelling catheter for almost six years. And YAHUAH has healed me! HalleluYah! No more catheter, and my BODY IS NOW WORKING. Okay.

DR. PIDGEON: Hey, Robbie, congratulations on the healing, my friend. Congratulations. That's good to hear.

LYNN BB: Is Putin protecting Ukraine resources from Babylon or China? Or…?

DR. PIDGEON: No, I can tell you what's happening with Putin is that you have several natural gas lines that run into Kiev. And Russia could, at any time, just shut them all off. And just say, that’s it, you're done. And then Ukraine goes dark. It would be that simple. They haven't done that. They're never there. They haven't done that. They're not doing that. They're not going to do that. But this guy, this reckless, this reckless shenanigan. Alinsky is under the impression that he can drag the United States into a war with Russia over Ukraine. Now, ultimately, this push is going to come to shove, and Europe is going to recognize that they have to have the natural gas from the Nord Stream pipeline. And in the meantime, it depends on what happens in Ukraine.

And Ukraine is if they continue to agitate like they're agitating. That government's going to be displaced, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Alinsky isn't taken out by his own people.

ABBA YAHUAH’S DAUGHTER: I saw your video of Wales. Can you speak on the round church by Joseph of Arimathea? P.S. Got my Millennial Eth Cepher set. Awesome.

DR. PIDGEON: Let me just go through this with them. Because I know Michael White is Kumari here. And he's been talking about being Welsh. And I can tell you that in Wales, you have something interesting that happened here because this becomes really, really important. We can't ignore our history. Which is that Joseph of Arimathea left the holy land because he was being persecuted. I think Josephus records he was beaten four times. And he was one of the 70. You know, and I believe he was the grandfather of the MESSIAH, the father of Miriam. And when he came to Siluria or Wales, the area of Avalon, not Glastonbury, but to Avalon and Cardiff. When he got there, this area, of course, was not very populated. But there were tin mines. Tin mines that were through Cornwall and up through the Welsh area there. And he was running tin back and forth. He owned 70 ships. And so, he was a merchantman. And they were dealing a lot.

Now they're in Glen Morgan. You have the first church. Now, it is the Church of St. Iliad. Now, Iliad, even though I think historians like Alan Wilson and so forth believe Iliad was the name for era Arimathea. I don't think it was. I think it is the name for Eliy, who was the father of Joseph; he also attended into Britain, with Joseph of Arimathea. Eliy, the father of Joseph, and Anna, the sister of Miriam, and Simone, the zealot. Shimon the Zealot, who was martyred in Britain in 64. AD. So you see, there were a group of people that were there extolling the faith, and that the initial faith was done in round churches. Why was it done around churches because it was done pursuant to round dancing,

So, when you see, for instance, in the book of Second Kings talking about the sons of Mahol, and these sons are who the same sons that are identified in Second Chronicles as the sons of Zerach, which are, Calcol, and Darda and Ethan and Heman and Zimri, these sons, were claimed to be the sons of Mahol. Well, Mahol actually means the sons of round dancing, the sons of round dancing, you see.

And so, with that being the case, you got to recognize that when you're talking about the sons of round dancing, why were they the sons of round Dancing? Because it was Dimmock dancing. And it was a common practice among the sons of Zerach. So, you would see a round church. The church, for instance of Fortress Babylon in Cairo, where Peter and John Mark taught, that's a round church. The synagogue in Kfar Nahum, or Capernaum, which they tried to claim as Peter's house, it's round. When you look at the synagogue in Corinth, it's an oval, it's not round, but it's oval. And why was it round? Because that's how they used to meet, you see.

When we went there, Ross knew of this place, and he said, Look, we're going to go here. And so you get there. And it's like, alright; there was a little wire fence, you know, don't go here. But we were able to walk in there. And at one point, it was a complete dugout, and around now, some people say, well, that was a fort. That was a that was the other thing. I don't think so. I think it was a church. And I think given the fact that it was a place of meeting for the early assembly, it to meet in the round, and it is at the site of St. Iliad’s church, outside of Cardiff.

DEBBIE JOHNSON: What do I think about La Palma calming it down? Do you think it will last?

DR. PIDGEON: Do I think La Palma is calming it down? I don't think La Palma is calming it down. It may have been in the last couple of days. But it was just a few days ago. The kind of lava that was coming out of that place was unbelievable. And I don't think No, I don't think it will last. I think that La Palma is signifying something that is going on the earth. That is something very, very definite. There are things happening on the earth that have not been not seen before, which is I think the earth is spreading apart. It's you know, it's widening, it's, it's spreading apart. And as it widens apart, the crust is thinning in some places, and we're seeing very inordinate activity. There's been more volcanoes going off all over the place. There's stuff happening in the heavens. And I do not think that La Palma is finished, not in any respect. When they think that there's peace and safety, and they can put up a leopard with dragon wings and bears feet and so forth. At the United Nations. These people. Somebody's got to give them a good set of Scriptures if they're going to try to do that stuff, right?

MICHAEL WHITE: Anna, the sister of Yoceph, married Bran the Blessed. A disciple of YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH.

DR. PIDGEON: Yeah. And so, Anna married Bran the Blessed, right. This starts a sequence where Michael, you're talking about the Holy Grail here, right? The Holy Grail. Because we're talking about the bloodline of David. The bloodline of David runs through the family line. And it's very important stuff because we may yet see the bloodline return to the throne of Britain. We'll see. We'll see.

JOY TRUJILLO: La Palma…is buried in ash.

DR. PIDGEON: Yeah, lipoma, it's buried an ash. That's so true. And you, like I say, you should see the amount of lava that is flown out of that place.

BRENT WINTERS: How does Tartaria fit with all this?

DR. PIDGEON: Well, now let's see, we just had something occur, like I was mentioning on the show earlier, which is that they found these two new pyramids in northern Russia, up in Murmansk. And these pyramids are bigger than they were in Giza. These are huge, huge pyramids. So how does greater Tartaria fit into all of this? I don't know yet. I don't know. There are some mysteries that are out there that I do think most of this stuff is anti-diluvian. It's pre-flood stuff. And I think that if you look at it and did that, it was probably nice and warm up there. Right. It was nice and warm. Not as cold as it is now. And because when once the ice circle collapsed onto the earth, all that ice that was around the earth it came onto the earth, right. And so, the heavens plugged in, and that's what happened.

D CRUZ: Do you think it is weather manipulated? Like all the proof on “weather modification history.”

DR. PIDGEON: No, I don't know. This is why. I think there is weather manipulation going on. This is what cracks me up. Oh, you people, cow methane is causing global warming. You people driving SUVs, you're causing global warming. The fact that we have nine harp’s that are emitting 100,000 watts of microwave energy and weather manipulation that's not causing anything. No, it's your SUV that's causing stuff, not our harp. The fact that we've introduced 61 megahertz 5g systems that are burning up the air around you with microwaves that's not causing any problems in the weather. It's you exhaling that's causing problems in the weather. That's why we need to control global warming by controlling you, not our harp, not our 5g, not our 61-megahertz stuff; that stuff doesn't matter. It's cows that matter. You need to stop eating cows and start eating some of this lab-created human flesh. And these people are sick out of their minds. Sick, sick, sick.

MUZZLED OX: What is your opinion of 5G’s debut on January 5, 2022? Should we avoid major cities?

DR. PIDGEON: Well, you know, when you talk about the 5g, what you're going to have to do is if you live in a major city, there's some good radiation blocking clothing you can get that will block the stuff, you can get a good hat, get a good coat, you can even get underwear that will block some of the radiation that's coming in from 5g. And it's a good idea to get some of that stuff. Protect yourself in your house, particularly if you're going to stay in the city. Protect yourself in your house from that kind of stuff. That's what we need to do.

MICHAEL WHITE: Brutus. The Kings of Britain All right.

DR. PIDGEON: Michael, I'm going to have to look into that. I don't know that stone. I'll have to look into it. Give me another good excuse to go to Devon. Go to Devonshire.

DVORA: What do you think of the planetary system, whatever its name, affecting plasma discharges, signs in the heavens that are recorded on ancient artifacts? As relates to the exodus.

DR. PIDGEON: Yeah. Now, I can tell you when we when we talk about the science in heaven, you know, look; I should know a lot more about the science and the heavens. And I don't, so I'll confess that to you. I do think that the sciences and heavens have been given to us that we might be able to have an understanding of the calendar, right. I mean, that's what it says point-blank, that they were given to us for signs, right. And for seasons. Well, the seasons are not just seasons, but it's also for months, for signs for months, for days. And for years.

This is what this is, why these signs have been given. Even more than that, but constellations give us a 19-year cycle. The moon cycles, for instance, they're all worth studying. Right. So, when we talk about what's going on in the earth, who knows, we know that we're seeing a lot of geomagnetic anomalies on the earth that are problematic, big-time problematic. And we're going to see how that plays out. But I think a lot of this stuff is this.

You know, a lot of this is good, is it's just going to play out, and you have to remember that a lot of this is the hand of YAHUAH; it's not just mankind. People say, oh, look, that's an organized earthquake swarm on the Palma. Yeah, it could be. But when I see the amount of magma that's coming out of that island, that wasn't man-caused. That is the situation that is YAH caused. And YAH is doing things, and he's going to do things, and he's going to do things on this earth. And he is going to bring judgment to those who think they're above and beyond judgment.

Those who are under the impression that as they have raped people in their own family and children for decades, they can rape the population before them. Well, they're wrong. They're not going to be able to, and they're going to get caught. And when they get caught, YAH’S judgment is going to be perfect.

Okay. All right, guys. So, for those of you interested in the Egyptian hieroglyphs, yeah, don't forget you can get Cymroglyphics; we sell it on the website. Come on by Cepher Publishing Group. We have the Millennium Edition that's available now. And it is shipping. So, you know, we can get it right to you. Write us at info at Cepher.net if you have any questions about what's going on with any of your orders or any event.

And the telegram group, I think Jessica may have put up the telegram interface for the Cepher Shabbat group on telegram. Where people are getting together and creating fellowships there. I think there's 29 groups that have formed around the world for people to have fellowship. Where they can be in actual physical contact with one another. Okay, so before we go, guys, let's pray. So, I can at least get my prayer in for South Africa and other prayers as well. Okay.

Heavenly Father, we come to you now, we lift this, we lift this presentation to you, Father, that You would bless it. And then you would keep it and that it would be edifying to you. We pray, Father, for the people that are here, that have joined us in the chat, and that are watching this program, live Father and that those who would watch it later. That you would also be a blessing unto as Father. Bestow your mercy upon us and your kindness. Father, as you look out over your people, you know what it is that we see in this world and where the world is right now. And yet there is nothing strange to you. There is no mystery here to you. It's not like it's something you haven't seen before, father.

But we also know that we seek to be your people. We seek to be your children. And we say to you, YAHUAH ELOHAI, you are ELOHIYM, there is no other. Father, as we look to you in these things, giving praise and thanks for the things that you have done. Let us begin by giving thanks. YADA YAHUAH. We give thanks for the things that you have done in our lives. We give thanks for the fellowship we have among one another. We give thanks for the opportunity to discuss these things on this platform. We give thanks, Father, for the things you have put in our life, whether it's the shelter over our head, or the food in our fridge, or the vehicle we can drive. And for the health and safety of our loved ones around us, Father. May you continue you to bless our relationships Father, that we might close the gap between one another in love and friendship, and in forgiveness, that we can call upon one another with great love and care.

Father, we pray during this particular season has become through this winter that you would look out for your children now, Father. Look out for your children, protect us from this wicked-on slot that has been given to us by people who have no love of you whatsoever. That you would close their mouth, take away the opportunity, remove the weapons from their hands, and destroy the tools of the enemy and their wickedness Father. With mighty angels come upon them and bring it to complete destruction by that there would be nothing left. Nothing left that by the time this is over, Father, all of those elements of this crime, you would judge, and you would bring to naught that they would perish in your hand.

So, we pray for the nation of South Africa, Father, that you would bless that country from Johannesburg to Cape Town and all the places in between. That the country would be blessed in that the believers would be sheltered and covered in your name. And that the government would respect and bow away from any of these protocols to allow your Word to become powerful and dominate in that area. We pray, Father, that you would also push back against the Roman church. To the extent that the Roman church is trying to rape the population with a mandated vaccine Father. That you would push back against the rapist and that you would judge in accordance with your Word and in accordance with your statutes Father. That your Torah would become dominant in that respect.

Father, we pray for Western Europe that the people would rise up with a mighty voice and say, we will not comply to your communist totalitarian death shot. We will not, and you will return to being a representative If government as you were elected to do. Father give them a voice and the strength to stand, and may we stand with them in solidarity, that we stand with them in spirit, and may your angels' guard and protect them, and cover them, and give them miracles that they can see before their eyes Father, of you working on behalf of your children, in Austria, in Germany, and in Poland, in Denmark and in Belgium and Netherlands In the Netherlands Father.

I pray for those people that they would rise up with the strength and the fortitude of believers who would rise up on behalf of your name and to say your name and no other your name and no other. May the Antichrist be vanquished and destroyed. And may there be no opportunity for the rise of this beast system any further, Father. That you would bless the people of Britain with mighty power and mighty strength, that they would rise up as one people not saying that we are a particular nation-state, but that we are children of YAHUAH, and we are not to be touched. It may be the same in Ireland, Father, as Conor McGregor just said, that this thing has been a complete failure. And now that it's been a complete failure, any further policy is going to end up crashing into a red Irish brick wall. Well, amen to that Conor McGregor, and let the brick wall become begin to solidify itself. May Ireland once again rise to its Irish independence and stopping EU lackeys and listening to these murderers tried to try to forward their agenda on fake money.

Father, we also lift Canada Father, we lift Canada, and we lift the debt leadership in British Columbia would go home and drink a cup of coffee and recognize what it is that they're doing. And that the people in British Columbia would rise and say you have a responsibility to the people to represent the people in a difficult environment. As beautiful as British Columbia is, it is nonetheless a difficult environment. And proper leadership needs to respect that environment and do what's necessary to keep the people safe in that environment. Father replace the leadership if the leadership does not understand that; take them out of power entirely and replace them with someone who is respects you and worships you.

We pray the same in Saskatchewan; we pray that in Alberta, we pray that in Ontario, we pray that in New Brunswick. And may those who shut their doors and say you cannot enter because you have not been snake bitten, may you put those companies completely out of business Father, put them out of business, that they have nothing, no one working for them, no one buying from them, and that they have to close their doors. Father, we pray for the people in South in New Zealand and in Australia Father, in particular in Australia. Father may that Prime Minister's last words be bahh, bahh, bahh. Who was elected to manage his government on behalf of the people and is calling them sheep? May he be run out of office. Father, replace the government in New Zealand be replaced. Honesty and integrity rise up again in Australia and in New Zealand. The same in the Philippines.

So, Father, we lift these things up. We pray for some intelligence at some level in the United States Father, I don't know where it's going to come from. I don't know where it's going to come from. But I pray you would shut down the media in New York, Father, just shut them down. Give them no ink for their newspaper, no internet for their broadcast. No lights in their studio. Remove the Washington Post from being able to open its mouth that the false witness that they had born would come upon them, Father. That all of the false testimony they had given would come back to them just as it did to those elders who were false witnesses against Shushanah Father. Let it come back now. Let it come back. May your justice be had where this media is concerned in the United States.

Baruch Atah YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH, El Qodesh Ehad Yashar’el, Melech and Ha’Melachim, Melech El Hakavod, King of Glory. We live this to you now b’ha’shem YAHUSHA through the atoning grace of YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH, Amein.

Michael White, thank you for your contributions here tonight in our chat; thank you for doing that. Yeah, Constantine being born to a Welsh mother. Yeah, yeah.

I just wish he had paid more attention to Joseph of Arimathea while he was there. Anyway, you learn what you learn. So. thank you so much for being with me. And I continue to relish your prayers so that I can get completely past this little bout of a sniffle, if you will. Yeah. So we were too strong. And then we'll take it from there. I will see you next week. And we'll talk about hopefully some other interesting topics. Brothers and sisters, blessing to you and Shalom Shalom, and we'll see you again next week.

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A great destruction therefore shall come upon all the earth; a deluge, a great destruction shall take place in one year. This child, who is born to your son shall survive on the earth, and his three sons shall be saved with him. When all mankind who are on the earth shall die, he shall be safe.

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Yo'el (Joel) 2:28

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Ruach upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

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