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Bere'shiyth - The Book of Beginnings 

The newest addition to the Eth Cepheriym collection is called Bere’shiyth and sets forth the books of the beginnings of creation, the Patriarchs, and the nation of Yashar’el (Israel). Along with the familiar ancient writings of Bere’shiyth (Genesis) and Yovheliym (Jubilees), these additional early works are included:

* Cephers Ri'shon and Sheniy Adam V’Chuah
(The First and Second Books of Adam and Eve)
* Cepher Chizayon Mosheh
(The Apocalypse of Moses)
* Cepher Ayduth Mosheh
(The Testament of Moses)
* Cepher Chizayon Avraham
(The Apocalypse of Abraham)
* Cepher Ayduth Shenayiym Asar Abathiy
(The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs)

Bere'shiyth is a must have for those who want to go deeper into the understanding of our beginnings.

7" x 10"
Black Linen Hardcover with Gold Embossing
432 pages

Bereshiyth Cover


Retails for $35.00

On Sale for $28.00
through August 31st.

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