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2nd Edition Yom Qodesh & Parshat 

Package Deal Intro Pricing - $50! 

Our newest addition to the hardcover Eth Cepheriym collection is called Parshat. This book presents the entire text for the weekly TORAH Portion readings directly from the Eth CEPHER, along with readings from the HAFTORAH (Prophets) and BESORAH (Gospels).

Parshat Inside

The updated 2nd Edition Yom Qodesh Hebraic Calendar provides the dates of YAHUAH's Feasts and Fasts and identifies the Weekly Torah Portions through 2020.

Yom Qodesh 2nd Edition Inside2

Yom Qodesh   Parshat Package


The retail package price for these new hardcover books is $65; order now to get the introductory price of only $50!



Individual book retail price is $35; 
Introductory price is $28.





Accessories Sale

If you've been thinking about getting the custom Carrying Case to protect your CEPHER, now is the perfect time as our warehouse just received a HUGE shipment from the manufacturer.

The Carrying Case is on sale for only $20, or you can get the Accessories Package Deal (includes the custom Index Tabs) for only $25 - that's a combined savings of 40% off the individual retail price for both products!


Accessories Package Deal



CEPHER Moments with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

In response to the growing demand for quality teaching from the Eth CEPHER scriptures, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon recently began uploading a new video series to the CEPHER YouTube Channel. If you have a scriptural question that you'd like Dr. Pidgeon to address in a future video, please let us know.  Be sure to watch and share the entire  'CEPHER Moments' Playlist

CEPHER Moments

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