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Prayer & Supplication Music CD

Prayer & Supplication Music CD
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Prayer and Supplication is a set of Hebrew songs performed by Stephen Pidgeon, guitar and vocals.

Seven of the 10 songs were composed by Stephen Pidgeon (the exceptions being Sheniy Yatsa, Hineih EL Yeshuati, and Yishmaeni ELOHAI). Of course, much of the lyrical content is scriptural, and thus has divine authorship. This collection is very personal to the artist as these songs are often part of praise singing within those of a like mind. 

The pieces performed on this CD were recorded with other artists; most notably, Dr. Wendell Wright, who accompanies most of the guitar work, playing both six and twelve string guitars. Katie Eakes plays the double bass on Sheniy Yatsa, and Vinnie Palazzotto plays the drums on Ahava Or Kedem. This compilation was produced by Dr. Wendell Wright, White Buffalo Productions, Anchorage, Alaska, with executive production by Richard Wright. The project was engineered by Dr. Wendell Wright, Ken Sease, and David Maletti.

Listen to Audio Samples:

Qadosh Echad Yisrael

Amein, Amein

Shema Yisrael

Baruch ha Bayit

Ahava Or Kedem


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