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  • Revadburns
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    lawlessness - not keeping the law

    The bondage of the law versus grace (Romans)

    keeping of the feasts, etc.

    i am having trouble reconciling this in my mind.

    sabbath vs sunday, etc

    please help me understand.

  • CycloManiac
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    What we have to keep in mind is Pa'al's (Paul's) contextual explanation in Romans. The whole premise is that "you cannot be justiflied by the Torah (Law). He does not say that the Torah (Law) is obselete or done away with.

    The crux of all your questions is: keeping the feasts, guarding the Sabbath and guarding or keeping the Torah (Law) are our obedience to our Heavenly Father. These are not to be done for salvation, but because we already have salvation by his grace. We do them because we love him and want to obey his word. We are saved apart from the works of the Torah. By grace through belief (faith) just as Abraham was saved the same way. Walking in Torah is doing his will in our lives.