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Question on: The Mark, the Name, the Number

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    Referencing: mark, the name, and the number – Part One

    I came across Stephen's Blog while researching the origin of the number 666. Of course I was intrigued to read his opinion that this number does not exist in the text which he summarized this way:

    "How was six hundred, sixty and six determined given these realities? Who knows?"

    I was not sure on Stephen's take on the Greek Alphabet and numbering, since the same Book of Revelation also gives us the phrase "I am the Alpha and the Omega" telling us that the Omega is the last letter and therefore makes the placement of the stigma as the last letter improbable.

    I further researched and found this article on Wikipedia which details the Ionian Numerals which were apparently used from 300 B.C. but also found in byzantine texts which would be more contemporary to the copies of the Book of Revelation.

    Could Stephen explain why he did not take into account the Ionian System as it seems to be well established?