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Daniel’s Prophecy & The year 2018

  • Cathy Harris Trujillo
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    I watched a video regarding Molech and Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks, whereby Dr. Pidgeon (and Josh) gave a prophectic date of 1948. Of course, I've heard a lot about the foundation of Israel as a Nation.

    However, he then mentioned the other fulfillment date of 2018 having something to do with the Rauch and Jews hearkening to him.

    Surely 2018 has more meanings that this, since its in Daniel's prophecies. Does anyone know what the rest of them are? I realize we are going into the Kingdom age, but had never heard of 2018 being mentioned in anything except for it being a Jubilee year.

    Would love any information on the significance of 2018 and of the age we are living in, since we are now in 2019. Many thanks.