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Hebrew Link for "Heylel; son of the howling morning"

  • MarkJerde
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    Hello. I thought that this text from your About page, properly attributed of course, would be the perfect response to an unusually-obnoxious KJV-Only Facebook post. ;-)

    'Additionally, every Bible we have ever seen actually leaves out a word in this passage, and that word means “howling.” In the ?? CEPHER, there is no confusion between Heylel; son of the howling morning and Yahusha HaMashiach; the Morning Star. There is further discussion of this issue in the blogs.'

    BibleHub is the only Hebrew resource I know of, and clicking on the words from this interlinear page, I am unable to locate a 'howling'.

    I found this blog post.

    However, the relevant text in the post seems a bit weak to use in a rebuttal on Facebook:
    'If this is the case in the use of the word (????) heylel, this creates the word h’yalael (spelled ????)'

    Is the case for the "howling" translation stated strongly somewhere? Thanks!

    Mark Jerde

  • CycloManiac
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    Mark, thanks for the post.

    The Hebrew word that has been translated as "Lucifer" in the KJV is the word ?????? (Heylel). However, this word can also be interpreted at "Ha'yalal" or "the howling" and it looks the same in the Hebrew text as "Heylel".