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The name Kepha(Peter)

  • AlecThunder
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    SHALOM! I was reading and i noticed the name KEPHA and i went and seached the name for KEPHA, we were already taught that Peter comes from Petros which is a small rock or stone. but the hebrew for stone is Eben.. there is a word KPA in hebrew used in the scriptures which is ??????
    STRONG’S NUMBER: h3711
    Dictionary Definition h3711. ?????? ??p_h?; a primitive root; properly, to bend, i.e. (figuratively) to tame or subdue: — pacify.
    AV (1) - pacify 1;
    (Qal) to sooth, subdue, pacify

    would this be the meaning for KEPHA?

  • CycloManiac
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    Alec, thanks for the post.

    Strong's Greek Dictionary

    1. ??f?? Kephas (Keph?s)
      Search for G2786 in KJVSL; in KJV.
      ??f?? Keph?s, kay-fas'

    of Chaldee origin (compare H3710); the Rock; Cephas (i.e. Kepha), a surname of Peter:—Cephas.

    Strong's Hebrew Dictionary

    1. ???? keph (k?ph)
      Search for H3710 in KJVSL; in KJV.
      ???? k?ph, kafe

    from H3721; a hollow rock:—rock.