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Pa'al a student of Gamliy'el

  • SHELYZ71
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    Upon learning who Hiliel was through Dr. Stephen's teaching, and then finding out that Gamliy'el was the grandson of the "legendary elder and rabbi Hililel, it at first had me a gasp. Then I had to pray and ask for the Ruach HaQodesh guidance in understanding what it was He wanted me to know concerning Pa'al and his teachings. This was pretty shaking to me. I wanted to share my thoughts on the conclusion I came to regarding how to move forward after learning this information. For what Its worth, which as of now, is just the font on this forum! It is possible that Pa'al, having been given eyes to see, must have learned the identity of Hiliel and what destruction he had caused by corrupting the Torah with the Talmud. Pa'al was probably so besides himself, and so concerned about people falling for the deceptions of the snake, that he just took to the opposite extreme with his teachings regarding the Torah. In 2 Peter 3:16 , Peter exppains how people distort his teachings because they are hard to understand.
    So I have come to the conclusion, as Dr. Stephen has suggested and I have stated many times, after reading the book of Acts there should not be any misunderstanding as to who Paul where he stood in terms of the Torah.
    Shelly Z