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Worth Buying?

  • Allen
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    I have been wanting to get the Cepher but noticed others saying that some scriptures are removed? I noticed the "2 Esdras 7:36- AFTER DEATH SCRIPTURES MISSING" post. Is more removed and taken out than that? Should I wait until it is complete? The price is expensive for me and it would be hard coming up with the money multiple times each time something is added or changed. Is the Cepher the only "mostly" complete Word or can you reccomend anything that includes all that the original scrolls have but in English as you do it? I have a hard time finding anything like it online. Thanks for your time.

  • CycloManiac
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    Thanks for your post Allen. The reason we did not include the verses was because we only had one witness to them.

    To tell you the truth, there is not anything else out there that is like the Eth CEPHER. I do not say this with pride or arrogance, but as a matter of fact.

    We will continue to research the verses you have mentioned.

    Thank you.

  • Warrior4Christ
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    It is very much worth buying, to date among the stacks of bibles, history books and seeking to know the truth this by far is the most complete. So much has been removed and or hidden, we have to begin somewhere and those whom have corrupted the word will not hand it over easily rather bury and hide as much as they can. God Bless as the choice is yours.


  • Warrior4Christ
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    As a follow on comment, this book is beautiful as was written in it's original meaning, it adds so much more as well as clarity to what was really said. I am blessed to have found the CEPHER group, their work and the book. Questions or pieces I have long sought are being answered for me.