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iOS app unable to display files - (encryption issue?)

  • davefollmers
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    Ive installed ownCloud 7.0.4 and its working without any issues.Desktop access works flawless, also the access via Android App.Only my iOS App gives me a headache. Actually it did allready work. However after I activated encryption on the server it doesn?t show the file-content anymore. I also tried to reinstall the app... unfortunatelly without success. It does however work if I try to access the files with another ipad with same OS version (8.1.2)The App is showing the directory and the filesnames and is able to synchronize the files, but doesn?t seem to be able to open them. Neither pictures nor music or docs can be shown or played.If I am trying to view a simple text file it shows me: "HBEGIN:cipher:AES-256-CFB:HEND-------------" as file content.This makes me think the App isn?t able to decrypt the files correctly.Does anyone has an idea how Iam able to fix this ?

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