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On the founding of the heavens, Earth:Scientism vs Reality

  • Benno
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    I was happy to see Dr Pidgeons blog posts about:

    (What is the "world" that shall not be moved, Does Job 37:18 support a flat earth theory?, On the founding of the heavens,Is the globe referenced in scripture?, On the circle of the earth,)

    I would like to share my knowledge about "Scientism" regarding the what the Earth is.

    I have read the Bible the first time this year, and now I am reading the Eth-Cepher. I was not considering myself as religious in my life (I am 36 yrs old). I always believed in a "God" but I thought that was enough, and I do not need t read the Scriptures. So I was like an average man in Society. Regarding myself as a smart after college and learning some languages.

    So what happened to me to turn to the Scriptures and believe each and every word of it?

    I have discovered the biggest lies on Earth... turning myself into a believer in Creation and a living Creator.

    I have invested nearly a 1000 hours studying Flat Earth. I have read four books about it. Watched documentaries.
    Today I understand and KNOW that the EARTH is FLAT and STATIONARY, and the Scriptures support that in every word.

    Todays "Science" is satans work of deception to turn people away from their true Creator, and turn them into monkeys who believe they "know" that they come from monkeys, live on a spinning ball flying through space 666 000 miles per hour into the nothingness of vacuum. There is no heaven up there, there is "Space". We are indoctrinated since childhood to believe in the solar system which is a pagan religion of Roman Empire, where they worshipped wandering stars named after their false gods (merkur, venus, uranus etc). Todays "worldview" is still a pagan religion everybody following that.

    I have learned after a 1000 hrs of study that today's science is a pagan religion, the real science is in the Scriptures.

    Big bang theory, ape man theory, evolution theory, gravity, Einstein's theories, planets, dinosaurs, billions of years old history.


    There are no satellites, planets, the sun is not a 93 million miles away, the moon is not a planet, there was no moon landing ever, nobody has ever been to space, it is impossible to leave the Earth. The firmament is above us. Mankind never drilled deeper than 12 km into the Earth, nobody knows what is under.

    Scriptures and reality match perfectly.

    Do not forget the old serpent, the greatest deceiver of mankind. Even the most intelligent man can be deceived.

    I could continue for a 1000 hrs but it's not possible, do your research.
    Werner von Braun (Nasa) gravestone states psalms 19:1 He died in the late seventies. Braun stated that it is impossible to travel into "space" because there is not such a thing. It is the Heaven up there.

    "The heavens enumerate the glory of EL, and the firmament shows his handiwork."

    I do not believe in this. I KNOW this.


    Terra Firma, The Earth not a planet (David Wardlaw Scott), The Biggest Lie on Earth (Edward Hendrie), One hundred proofs that the Earth is not a globe (WM Carpenter), The flat earth conspiracy (Eric Dubay) and last but not least... the Holy Scripture the true words of our true Creator.