Differences in Editions of the את CEPHER

3rd Edition:

  • The restoration of chapters 151-155 of Tehilliym (Psalms), available to download for free here.
  • The restoration of the word Yashar'el for Yisra’el/Israel and the name Pa'al for Sha'ul/Paul.
  • The inclusion of Footnotes and Endnotes.

3rd Edition, Revision 2 (3ER2):

  • The inclusion of 70 previously missing verses in 4 Ezra (2nd Esdras) Chapter 7, available to download for free here.
  • The indentation of prayers.
  • The restoration of the word “Naphaliym” for the offspring of the fallen watchers.
  • The addition of a Family History section at the back of the book.

3rd Edition, Revision 2.1 (3ER2.1):

  • The Ivriyt (Hebrew) word את appears in the text without transliteration (the English word “eth” was removed to improve readability).
  • The sacred names are still in bold font, but with leading capital letters (previously all caps).
  • The restoration of key words such as baptism and faith (previously immersion and belief).
  • The chapter numbers are slightly smaller than in previous editions.
  • The Prayer of Manasseh has been moved to the Second Temple Writings section for a more accurate chronological order (the custom Index Tabs have been updated to match).