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Weekly Torah Portion

  • Cajundog
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    Having just discovered the Eth Cepher a couple of months ago, and being truly amazed at what was missing from the current standard Christian bible I was familiar with, has started me on a road of discovery on Jewish heritage and worship although I am not Jewish by birth. To that end my wife and I have been looking for a Messianic Jewish Temple/Church to begin observing more closely the feasts and assemblies as honoring Yahuah.
    So we receive the weekly Torah portion by email from the Cepher group and of course get it at Shabbat as well. This week I noticed that the reading at Shabbat was different than the emailed reading for the week. It was Vayetzei (Gen. 28:10) and not Noach,(Gen. 6:9) so I'm going hmmm what is this about? Is it a difference in calender computations or can a Rabbi just pick whatever he wants for the reading. So I go to Google to see which on is right and come up with the Noach,(Gen. 6:9) as being for week of Oct. 21.
    Now I'm really confused....Who's on first?

  • Cajundog
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    Ok, going to ask this again, why is this weeks Torah portion as posted through the Eth Cepher site, different than the rest of the Jewish world? As an aside , if you are wonder why this blog hasn't taken off, maybe its because when questions are asked, there are no forthcoming answers. Trying to learn here, but it is difficult.

  • CycloManiac
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    Because we do not follow the rabbinical Jewish calendar. We follow the Scriptural calendar.