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Lexicon features

  • FlatEarthTruther
    7 posts

    Would be nice if the Lexicon has scriptures and other words can click and navigate to other words and also multiple word from different various dictionaries all in one place.

    Something like this:

    I built an app a while ago the helps me with Bible study(would be nice to use your text in it one day, right now it is KJV which is great;)

    audiobible words martyr

    I built that spider to collect all the text and data, you could use it for this app and populate the modal for the words, then say to navigate to another word you'd have to open another modal, so change that modal for words to be on a page instead. If not too much to ask.

  • CycloManiac
    57 posts

    This is impressive. Something we need to do to start expanding on in our future app upgrades.

  • FlatEarthTruther
    7 posts

    I can help y'all make it happen. Not sure what components or framework or what your code base looks like, but I'm very familiar with all the tech stuff and who to make things scale. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to be part of something like this project, I have lots of projects in the past with many companies using different languages and frameworks and patterns.

    PS. checkout some of the videos on the WLC Videos channel on youtube