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Enoch Calendar says Sabbath Thursday?

  • bethnotes1013
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    Hello! Earlier this year I bought Enoch, Jasher & Jubilees trilogy & began reading. Then one day I decided to go online & type in Enoch Calendar to see what came up. Up popped a calendar showing Thursday as the actual Sabbath. The November grid shows the 30th day of Hebrew month is Nov 13 & first day of new month Nov 14. March 15 does not exist in every year & March 14 does not exist in the leap year. Enoch calendar says the year has 364 days only, apparently revealing the "true 7th day Sabbath." Since so many of us are on a quest to find out what the true Word is and what truly is going on in our world, I thought I should put this out here for your consideration. Since I do not know of a local group keeping the feasts & there are differing ideas about Sabbath, all I know to do at present is not work on Thursdays, keep reading, keep praying, keep seeking. I have just found NYSTV this month & plan to stay plugged in with that.