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Feature Requests.

  • Vigilence
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    I would first like to start off by saying that I am grateful for the release of the eth Cepher in mobile form. I wanted to get the book but atm it is too costly for me and the mobile app allows me to read from the eth cepher so for that I am very grateful.

    Sometimes when I am reading a certain area I stumble upon a world that should be in the mobile lexicon but isn't. Since I don't have the physical lexicon I am not sure if it found there instead. For example if I were to look up Gadr'el, Satan or Lucifer in the lexicon, for some odd reason he isn't there.

    For requests I would like to humbly ask for the following:
    1. The expansion of the current app Lexicon.
    2. The addition of the paleo hebrew characters for the restored names in both the books and lexicon.
    This can be done in several ways:
    *. The restored names in the books of the bible can have the paleo Hebrew name next to the restored name similar to the hallelujah scriptures.
    *. A Hebrew-to-English chart of the most common names and places found in scripture can be taken from the eth Cepher book and added to the app as an additional feature.
    *.For those that want to enable the addition of the paleo Hebrew characters to the bible books, or disable such a feature a setting can easily be added to the settings options.
    *.The ability to search the lexicon for specific words, with the addition of word auto suggest and autocomplete. Do a search on amazon for a product to understand what this means.
    3. The option in the settings menu to have Yahuah or Yausha's words colored red instead of the default black.
    4. The ability to write notes for a specific word or several consequitive words in a sentence and not the whole paragraph.

  • CycloManiac
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    We have talked about the Lexicon being expanded into a full blown concordance. We will expand the Lexicon to include much more information. Please be patient with us. We are a very small company and we currently have a lot of tasks on the table, but we are committed to making the expanded Lexicon a reality. Shalom.

  • Miyka'al
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    Where is the night vision located.

  • CycloManiac
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    The "Night Mode" is located in the "Home" tab.

  • InHisName
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    Thank you to all the team behind this amazing translation and resource. Anyone looking for the full council of Yahuah will be greatly blessed by your hard and diligent service.
    I would like to see the personal pronoun (eg he, his etc) for Yahuah to be capitalized to clearly distinguish between Him and everyone else.
    May our Saviour pour out His blessings on all of you without measure.

  • Katato
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    Loving the app so far! I just left a review on the google play store before I realized there was a forum for this. Is there any consideration for desktop access? I can only imagine how much work has already gone into this and you're doing a wonderful job. I love having it with me everywhere I go but for quiet time at home, reading from the computer screen would be much more comfortable. Thank you for all your efforts!

  • CycloManiac
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    We are considering a desktop study application for the future. We will keep you posted if and when this project gets underway.

  • librablue13
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    Can this Cepher App be accessed on more than one device? For example, my phone AND my tablet.

  • CycloManiac
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    If you have more than one device that is of the same platform, you can download the app to both devices.

    However, if your devices are of a different platform such as: Apple and Android, you will have to purchase the on each device.